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Re: Community Recap: March 2019

@Mi-Amigo wrote:

I`d also like to thank @pgn for creating the Naughty Step as extension of Alice`s Tea Party - yes, folks these do exist on "off topic".

Cool! I think @Martin-O2 rubber-stamped the planning permission for that particular extension - much to his later regret, I suspect LOL


I think the recap has captured most events, even if the Board redesign continued to draw flack amidst a flurry of resurrected posts from Lazarus Lane... 


Finally, a flurry of similarly-titled "test" posts led to much testiness, and general musing as to what was, and is still, their cause and purpose. 

We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty. Douglas Adams.
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Re: Community Recap: March 2019

We're all really glad you enjoyed the surprise @jonsie ! smiling And we'll pick up about the community improvements in another thread soon once we have an update. wink


Thanks for sharing your highlights of March @Mi-Amigo ! So many great threads to keep up with atm. cool


Haha I didn't really have a choice with how the thread blew up @pgn but I think it's a fine addition to the community. tongue winking

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