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Community Recap: June 2021

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Hi everyone wave


You guessed it right. Believe it or not but another month has passed and brought us further into the year. And whilst Summer so far is a bit underwhelming this year, we can't say the same about last month here on the Community sun


Below is just a small summary of all the great content we had over the past month of June. And as always it's not too late to take part, just leave a comment in the thread and let us know which of June's topics was your personal favourite!





The Games


Word Hunt Diamond - Game 65 Challenge?

Not that the usual Word Hunt Diamond Games by @Mi-Amigo are easy, he decided to give us a bit of the challenge with the 65th version of the game. Missed this one? Come back any Tuesday morning and have a go at the next Word Hunt Diamond!


[GAME] Sports Word Search Puzzle

We all know that our community members are good with words. But we do still get a surprise at how good they actually are. See for yourself in June's special Sports Word Search Puzzle and keep you eyes peeled on the Off-topic section for more games coming soon!



The Laughs



With summer solstice in June, @Cleoriff joined her forces with a little help from @Mi-Amigo to give us one of her (in)famous One Sentence Stories. Lots of imagination, lots of laughs and guaranteed a head rolling in either of these, make these the perfect summer afternoon read for anyone (you were warned)...


Community Movie Night - Pet Sematary

Having become a regular monthly event, we of course had another Community Movie Night in June. With the theme being around Stephen King/horror films, you decided for Pet Sematary for the film to watch and I still can't walk past a cat and act normal.


The Wednesday Laugh

As always on Wednesdays, @Bambino gave us a reason to smile with his Wednesday Laugh series. Haven't seen them before? Make sure to check the Off-Topic sessions on Wednesday for your own giggle.



The Talents


Community Awards 2020 - The Winners!

After two weeks of votes flowing in by all of our members, we have counted and found the winners of the Community Awards for 2020. But even if you haven't won, just remember you are all winners in our heart.


Nature Photography Day - Community Prize Draw

A fan of everything that's happening outside your front door? We are too! That's why we celebrated Nature Photography Day with a little competition. Even though this is over, why don't you pop in and share your favourite nature shots?


Set up complete and tuned

Our very own community musician @liggerz87 is back to show us his new drum set up and share one of his newest recordings with us. Music fan? Join him and maybe we can have our very own O2 Community band soon!



The Discussions


What are you watching right now?

After our @Cleoriff has discovered that there is no designated thread to discuss what you are currently bingeing on the telly, we sure knew that we had to change that. And here we are! Join the conversation and get some great recommendations to fill the evening hours! And if you are into the newly launched Loki show on Disney+, then make sure to join in the conversation on our Loki Discussion thread!


Football Talk

Not a new thread, however brought back to live with the Euros dominating our TV screens at home and in the pubs across the nation. Join the discussion on who you think should win (and lose)! And if you don't like football, @LukasB  made (the attempt at starting) an Anti Football Club here!


Super Speed o2 5G

Already using 5G in your area? Our very own @madasaf1sh went to check the speed of the 5G connection in his area. Why not run your own speed test and compare?



The Events


It’s World Bicycle Day! 🚲

For all the cycling fans out there, this thread celebrates your love for the two-wheeled means of transportation with everyone sharing their likes and dislikes, do's and don'ts for those who cycle and those who don't.


Partial Solar Eclipse - 10th June

What would we do with ourselves if we didn't have you guys. @GrumpyGit, formerly known as AngryGeezer made sure to remind us of the partial solar eclipse last month. Maybe you caught a glimpse of it too?


It’s Best Friends Day!

Another Day to celebrate! This time it was Best Friends Day and we all came together to share our memories of friends that have been accompanying us over the years, both outside as well as inside of the community!





What Is NEW?


O2 celebrating Pride month throughout June

With June being Pride month, we at O2 were joining the celebrations across all of our channels. Check this post to find out what we have been doing and how you can join to support the cause!


Virgin Media O2 launches today

After months in the making, we were finally able to share the big news of the merger between O2 and Virgin Media. Read all about what that means for you in this announcement.


The O2 is now in Fortnite!

Working with Island Records and Epic Games, O2 has announced that London’s The O2 is now available to explore in the world’s biggest game, Fortnite, within Fortnite Creative! Make sure to check it out yourself!





The threads above are just a small selection of the great content posted by all of you last month. So don't be shy - Let us know your highlights from June below! 

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