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Community Recap: July 2020

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Hey guys,


what a month this has been. So much happened in the world and also here on the community so much went down.


Below is just a sample of all the content we had on here. And it is all because of you.


It's not too late to take part in any of the below conversations if you missed them earlier, and feel free to drop a note below on what topics were your favourites from July.





New Scam Doing The Rounds

@Bambino  was so kind to let everyone know that there is a new kind of fraudulent phone calls going round. Stay on your toes.


SIM Swap: A mini guide

As time guys by things may change and our regulars have updated the sim swap guide with all the new info


Guide Updates

Speaking of updates - @Cleoriff created a thread for all the guides that might need updating too. Feel free to pop by if you spot something.




A guide to personalising your phone

No matter if you are short-sighted or have a hearing problem - There are many many different aspects of your device which can be personalised to your own tastes and needs, and @Marjo collected a few handy examples.


Caffè Nero is back

Long have we all been waiting for the return of one of our favourites on O2 Priority. The Caffé Nero vouchers are back on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.


Instant winners - July!

And another return. Instant Winners are back after being paused during the Covid crisis. Make sure to enter when the next round is up.


O2 & NHS create a 5G COVID-19 mobile testing unit

O2 have partnered with NHS to create a 5G-powered COVID-19 testing unit for Scottish care homes, which is designed to provide remote testing and tracking of care home residents and workers in Glasgow, as well as the delivery of essential medical supplies.



New exciting device announcements:

Huawei P30 Pro New Edition Launch
The new Moto G 5G Plus available on O2
The new Flip Essential Bluetooth Speaker is now on O2!
Kishi for Android Gaming Controller now available with O2!

We love to hear what you think of these devices so please do comment when you spot a new announcement, we appreciate your thoughts on them. 




Summer in the O2 Community

It is that time of the year again. We started our summer topics. Make sure to check it regularly and let us know if you would like to get involved.


Wednesday Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. Bambinos Wednesday Laughs are always worth popping by for a giggle and a meme battle.


Movies in July 2020

It has never been more important to know what to watch. Our movie connoisseur @Martin-O2 has made a list of movies you should be watching. Prepare the popcorn.


If 2020 Was A Song

Music experts beware. Bambino has found the soundtrack for 2020 - a year that is as unique as the voice you will hear. Truly fantabulous . . .


White Room Quiz - Special Announcement

Our beloved and very popular white room quiz is turning 1. @Mi-Amigo  - our resident quiz master - created a special anniversary version. Make sure you check out the new quizzes every Monday and Wednesday.



It would be great to hear your favourite moments on the community from last month! Let me know below! 


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Definitely lots going on, for July - must be something keeping people at home... ThoughfulWhistle


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