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Community Recap: July 2019

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Hi Everyone!


Did you enjoy the unusually hot weather we had for a few days there before it cooled down, or did you rather hide indoors? cool I'm a bit sad it's already August but relieved it's no longer 30 celcius. open_mouth


There's been a great deal of awesome things posted on the community over the past month, and we've highlighted a few of our favourites below! The list is a bit long but I had trouble choosing my favourites, there's so many awesome topics... Don't forget to comment in any of the topics if you haven't yet, it's never too late (and you'll make the author of the topic feel good too). slight_smile


Let us know what your favourite discussions were during July? smiling




First, a cool fact of the month!


You guys had tons of fun during July; we counted over 2,400 replies in forum game topics alone!






Cancelling your contract: an updated guide

@davethorp's updated guide was moved to the official Guides section in July (even though technically written in June already), and being a super helpful and topical update, definitely deserves a shout-out here. cool


Your allowances: what is and isn't included

'What's included in my allowances' has been one of the most-searched terms here on the community for a while, so this guide by @MI5  will surely come in handy for many!


O2 age restriction: what is it & how to manage it

MI5 has also written a helpful guide around the SIM card age restriction, which is also often asked about!


Jlab bluetooth earphones review

Check out @liggerz87's first ever review here on the community! It's great to have some more accessory-related reviews here too. grin


HONOR View20 review

Amazing and thorough review on the new HONOR device from @jonsiethumbsup


Apple Watch Series 4 review

In this first Apple Watch Series 4 community review, @jezza1234  recaps their Apple Watch experience from the first unpacking moment to initial setup, personalisation, and living with the device.



Additionally, we created some info topics on our end as well. July has been a great month for these indeed! smile





O2 announces October 5G launch

Exciting news around 5G coming to O2 in October! Also in related news, O2 and Vodafone finalise UK 5G network agreementcool


Your summer staycation has been upgraded

Some 4G-related news too, this time for popular holiday destinations.


Priority: Instant Winners is back!

This popular prize draw activity is actually still going on in the Priority app until today 2nd August. Let us know in the topic if you won anything! slight_smile


Pride season is here and we'll be there

For the sixth year in a row, Proud at O2 took part in Pride parades around the country! Check out some recaps here, and don't hesitate to comment - we'd love to hear if you took part in any of the parades as well? slight_smile


New polls feature!

Thank you for all the comments and help with testing this feature! The test poll is still open until next week, so if you haven't tried it out and would like to, you still have time before the next one starts. And don't forget to let us know your feedback and ideas if you have some. slight_smile


iOS 12.4 available

@Anonymous  informs the community about the new iOS software update, with some additional information from @PhoneChanger . thumbsup 




2 new Community Spotlights were created in July! These are a great way to get to know our community members a bit better, and even ask your own questions! 🔦


New community guides

A very productive topic around community guides. thumbsup If you're interested in writing a guide or contributing in the process of creating one, or have any ideas on new guides, this is a good topic to let us and the community know. slight_smile


Forum development & bugs updates

A new topic to update you all on the status of current community platform bugs/issues, and for you to let us know if you spot anything on your end.


Updated My O2 app with Aura

It was really great to see the interest in the updated app here, here and here. Thanks everyone who have provided feedback so far and we hope to gather more of it still, so keep it coming! 🙏


Samsung confirms Galaxy Fold is returning in September

@TheGreyApe  posted the news around the return of this foldable phone. The discussion turned a bit off topic 😂 but continued with some interesting insights on what the individuals in the community consider 'money well spent'.




Is anyone familiar with Victoria Station?

Again, the power of community shows here with several of you guys willing to offer your help even with questions not related to O2 or mobile tech. hugging


What is the weather going to be like this week from where you live?

@Luke30  asked this very relevant question, which of course created a lot of discussion (60 replies! We do love to talk about the weather!). grin 


Wednesday's Laugh... On Thursday

@Bambino  continues to provide us with something funny every week and this one I especially liked. sweat_smile


Marvel Cinematic Universe discussion

Our resident Marvel fan started a cool discussion that you should definitely check out so we'll all find out what you think of the Marvel cinematic universe! 


How much sway do operators have over hardware design?

Interesting hardware design discussion started by @Anonymous!


Happy 4th of July

@Glory1  posted a Happy 4th of July topic for their fellow American compatriot here on the community, and it was lovely to see many of you joining in. 


Ding dong-Sounds Dog. Happy PAWS thought

Some exciting doggy news from @Jenny105 ! We're all looking forward to hearing more about this soon. slight_smile



A discussion about innovative tech companies started by @anticpated with some interesting questions asked!


Strictly Come Dancing 2019

It's going to be that time of the year again soon so this topic by @Cleoriff  is a great place to talk about everything related to Strictly! smiley


Double rex rat

Check out some cute photos and learn more about @liggerz87's rats! I love to see photos and read about everyone's pets here on the community. 🐀 🐀 🐀


Thursday quiz to return

After a short hiatus, the popular Thursday quizzes organised by @Mi-Amigo  are returning! Happy Dance


Hope you all have a lovely August here on the community and otherwise too. Looking forward to more amazing discussions to recap next month! Ending with a quote from July I wrote down by @Cleoriff  as I thought it was so lovely, related to friendship:


For me friendship is being there for someone during good and bad times. So something that stands the test of time. You can be the complete opposite in personality and still be the best of friends.

Being able to sit in silence with a friend and it never being uncomfortable.

-- Cleoriff (from this topic)



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Pretty good month I would agree @Marjo 


I think @davethorp 's updated cancellation guide was excellent and will have a lot of views.

The Forum Development and Bugs thread is one I participate in a lot

Off Topic has seen some excellent topics posted


Onwards and upwards wink

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@Cleoriff wrote:

Pretty good month I would agree @Marjo 


I think @davethorp 's updated cancellation guide was excellent and will have a lot of views.

The Forum Development and Bugs thread is one I participate in a lot

Off Topic has seen some excellent topics posted


Onwards and upwards wink

Interesting fact: that guide you mentioned above actually got into the top 10 viewed guides already during its first month. slight_smile thumbsup


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I enjoyed the spotlights grin


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@jonsie wrote:

I enjoyed the spotlights grin

Me too! Look out for some more of those in the near future. smile


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