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Community Recap: December 2021

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Hi everyone!



It’s 2022 already! We had so many fun and lovely activities and posts here on the community throughout December that we thought that we should take a moment to look back on what happened last month in the O2 Community.

Most of the content highlighted here comes from the Christmas 2021 on the O2 Community collaborative effort that spawned so much heartwarming and enjoyable topics to entertain us all. We may have missed one or two highlights, so if that’s the case, let us know by commenting your personal favourites!

I hope you enjoy this snapshot of December’s activities!


Amazing Content Created by You

The Games 👾


J9el’s Find the Lyric!! 🎄🎅🏼


@J9el  joined us in September! And we were so pleased that they decided to join in on the festivities. Just under 600 views and over 60 replies, members took turns trying to finish/find the lyrics in some famous (and some not so famous) Christmas songs. We’re sure the community appreciates the effort put into this game, J9el. Thank you.


O2 Community Forum 2021 - Christmas Singles Mega Word Grid Part 1part 2


Another much appreciated effort, this one. @pgn  shook off some of their nerves and stepped up to the plate to host their first game in the community. A two-parter with a total of 3,000 views and ~300 replies. Everyone loved this game and enjoyed the YouTube soundtrack that came along with it.


White Room Quiz Christmas Edition Mon 20 Dec 2021


A Christmas themed WRQ, by our very own @Mi-Amigo . The community would not be the same without you. In this edition, we saw the usual suspects of History, People, Literature and more crop up, but all with a Christmas twist. We also saw a few Thinker awards with their Christmas hats on!


The Laughs 


 The Christmas Joke of the Day - Day 1


@Bambino delivered the laughs, especially, this Christmas! From the 1st December until the 26th, they did not stop. A lot of funny images and tongue-in-cheek jokes. We also got to enjoy seeing Santa leave the pub on Boxing Day, obviously tired from a hard night’s work the day before. A consistent and much enjoyed effort!




With no more no less than 77 replies, we had plenty to laugh about on this one. What some members considered to be the highlight of Christmas content, @Cleoriff's  One Sentence Christmas Story got the creativity and collaboration going on amongst the members of the community. 


One may wish to compare which story turned out to be the funniest (or the weirdest): was it the Halloween one or the Christmas one?

Christmas Keep Fit and exercise programme


@TallTrees shared with the community a 27 Christmas Exercise plan 😉. Something we could all do with after our Christmas dinners. But no “beating around the bush”, it was a good laugh as there were very little exercises in sight and more of a joke galore for us to enjoy.


The Discussions


Best Xmas Song and Xmas Carol


Not an easy task to define which one is the Xmas Best Song and Carol so what’s better than a collaborative poll to find out? @Mi-Amigo  took care of running the ballot and it was great to see members not only voting and sharing their thoughts, but also suggesting their favourite songs that weren’t included on the poll. 


A Small Family & Friends Festive Season 2021


It was nice to read through not only the topic starter @RunrigForever's  plans for Christmas (thanks for sharing those with us) but it was also interesting to read the plans from other members of the community. It definitely helped to cherish the Christmas spirit of the community during the month slight_smile


Once one should I get


When in doubt about which device should be your next, why not ask the community about them? Deciding between the Google Pixel 6 pro and the Oppo Findx3 pro it’s not that easy and we’ve seen many members joining the discussion, generating a very constructive convo. 


The Events


Christmas 2021 on the O2 Community 🔔🎉🎅🎁🎄


Where it all began! We created this at the end of November, but revisited it throughout December to make sure everyone was constantly updated with what was going on. A full calendar of activities, such an amazing effort by everyone involved!


Christmas Movie Night! - Krampus!


Is Halloween over yet? A particularly scary Christmas movie won the poll for the community’s Christmas movie night and differently from the Halloween movie chosen in October, this time around most members who shared the enjoyable experience of watching the movie together approved the chosen flick.


News, Updates and Announcements

What is New?


 The new moto e20 has launched


A great and affordable new device from Motorola launched this month. With decent specs, it’s a very good option regarding value for money and it’s available on the O2 Shop.


The new OPPO A94 has launched 🚀


A 5G ready device with powerful capabilities (it’s fast-charging option and night time video caught my eye particularly) it’s another great option for those Android enthusiasts here on the community that is available on the O2 Online Shop!



I hope you enjoyed the recap! 


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Thanks for that recap @RafaC . It was great to see what happened over Christmas.

I loved every part of it if honest. Always something to look forward to most days. A bit like our own advent calendar. 😎

Thanks to everyone who devised all the content. A real success I think. 😊

*The Game Is On*

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Thank you @RafaC 

For the recap of our Christmas on o2 Community.  Lots of effort put into the games and features. All enjoyed very much. 



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Community Manager
Community Manager
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Glad that you both liked the recap @Cleoriff and @TallTrees, it was a bit like the O2 Community advent calendar indeed, lots of fun 😁

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