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Community Recap: April 2021

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Hi everyone!


It's May (already?), which means another recap of all the great stuff that has been going on in the community over the past month. April sure has been eventful and that's all thanks to all of you contributing to the community and getting involved!


Below is just a summary of all the great content we had over the month of April. And it's not too late to take part, just leave a comment in the thread and let us know which of April's topics was your favourite!





The Games


Flower Word Search Puzzle

To end the month with a bang, we hosted a spring themed Flower Word Search Puzzle perfect for the downpours April had to offer. With a bit of head-scratching all of our members made sure to get this solved quicker than I can say dandelion. Missed this one? Make sure to keep your eyes peeled on the Off-Topic area for future games and of course you can always join one of the amazing regular games below!


White Room Quiz - Easter Quiz

Oh and how we love a special quiz by our quiz master @Mi-Amigo. Never disappointing with interesting yet head-scratching questions, you are sure to learn a thing or two on these ones! Check out the Easter Special White Room Quiz for some Easter related fun or check the 1000th Question WRQ Special here!


Word Hunt Diamond

Another week, another Word Hunt Diamond. Learning words that we have never heard before sure is key in this game by @Mi-Amigo. Such is quick thinking to get some in before they are all gone! Make sure you join on a Tuesday morning and make your brain start the day right!



The Laughs


🤡One Sentence April Fool's Story 🤡

The special One Sentence Story for April Fool's by @Cleoriff  had us once again rolling on the floor from laughter (and possibly worry a bit about the imagination of some of our members). Make sure you read the full story summarised at the end and prepare for some giggles!


Marvel Movie Night - Ant-Man

April also had another Community Movie Night in store. After a couple of days of voting with the theme of Marvel movies, our members ultimately decided on Ant-Man as the film of choice. With a few of us never having watched this film, the discussion around it sure turned out to be interesting and we can't wait for the next Movie Night soon!


The Wednesday Laugh

One to always watch out for is the Wednesday Laugh by @Bambino. With a special list of things to make us think, this particular one involved quite a few head-scratchers. Intrigued? Head over to the thread and share your thoughts!



The Talents


 🥚🐥 Happy Easter All day Menu 🐥🥚 

@TallTrees  made us drool and fantasise over some chocolates with her Easter All Day Menu. And even though Easter might be long over, we surely wouldn't mind any of those menu items right now. So, make sure to check out the thread and get inspired (and hungry)!


Easter Baking (An attempt)

Talking about food (and talents), we can't leave out the highly anticipated Easter Baking by our lovely Community Manager @LukasB. As a result of sweat and tears, his crispy lamb cake was much celebrated in the lead up to Easter Monday (and actually tasted even better than it looked!).



The Discussions


HRH Duke Of Edinburgh. R.I.P

With a lot of fun, April also brought some sad news. On the 9th of April Buckingham Palace announced the passing of the Duke of Edinbugh aged 99. Achieving great things in his lifetime and being a major support to the Queen herself, our members followed @Cleoriff  in remembering his highness.


Helicopter flies on Mars

We sure didn't see that coming. But staying up to date is a big part of the O2 Community, so our @Mi-Amigo was quick to share these exciting news from American space agency NASA. Have you had to chance to watch the helicopter fly on Mars? If not, make sure to check it out!


O2 Community Reads - What are you currently reading?

With an inital thread back in February and many of you suggesting to keep the thread in one rather than creating a new one on a monthly basis, we have introduced the O2 Community Reading corner in which you can discuss, share and suggest books you are reading or planning to read. Book-lover? Come and join us!



The Events


Happy Easter

It sure was Easter on the O2 Community with a special Easter Week full of fun, and our members coming together to celebrate Easter on this thread by @Cleoriff.


It's Stop Food Waste Day!

With a lot of advice, tips and ideas from our members and us on how to reduce food waste, this thread gives you a little push into the right direction, in case you struggle to find a start in the world of tackling food waste beyond your kitchen doors.





What Is NEW?


Pay and Go hub

Unsure of how some things work on Pay and Go? We've got you covered! This short summary pointing you to the most important threads and guides on the topics created by our wonderful members will surely sort you out. Still have a question? Ask it on the PAYG board!


O2 Store Reopenings

We are back! Finally, after months of having to have our stores closed, we were finally able to welcome to back to our shops across England and Wales from the 12th of April and Scotland from the 26th of April. Of course we make sure to do so safely, check this thread to see how!


Future O2 products & services. Get involved!

On the O2 Community we regularly trial and beta test various products and services with the help of our members who have provided feedback, comments and thoughts, which in turn has helped our teams shape and explore our products and services further and are continuing to do so. For those who aren't part of the group yet but interested in helping us make our services better, make sure to join now! 


Instant Winners - April!

The (in)famous Instant Winners were back in April to cause surprise and delight for some, even though we are still waiting for one of our Community members to hit the jackpot. Until then, we are happy that @pgn 's daughter was able to grab a Guinness four-pack this time and are keeping our fingers crossed for the next round!



New Product Launches


Pre-order the new OPPO Find X3 Series now!

Looking for a new device? Look no further, O2 has got you covered with the new OPPO Find X3 series available now. Let us know what you think of the devices in the thread!


The new moto e7 has launched!

Hello, Moto? Yes, please. We sure are welcoming another device from our childhood and teen favourite Motorola. A Motorola fan yourself? Make sure to check out this device with some amazing features in the thread!





The threads above are just a small selection of the great content posted by all of you last month. So don't be shy - Let us know your highlights from April below! 

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Hi @TheresaV 

Despite April being a terrible month weatherwise, it was a great on the community.

Lots of Easter fun. Hats off to @LukasB for attempting that lamb cake and his good humour with us all poking fun at him.

Loved @TallTrees Easter menu.


Loved the quizzes and admit Word Hunt Diamond is my favourite.


Must say the April Fools One Sentence story made me laugh a lot. I love  the imagination of all members taking part. Just when you think it's all over, someone else posts another mad sentence. rofl


It was sad to lose HRH Prince Philip. Since then Prince Charles has taken over a lot of his duties, bearing in mind The Queen is now 95 years old.


All things considered, April was a great month to be here on the community.  heart_eyes

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April was great on O2 Community @TheresaV 

Many thanks for all the games,

with  @TheresaV  @Mi-Amigo one sentence horror story or April fool story by @Cleoriff 

Special @LukasB  Easter Cake 

My Easter All day menu was for those who love chocky was a bit over the top but anyway

it was Easter!

Many thanks to everyone it was great fun to read and get involved with.

Look forward to another special day like that.




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Thanks for the Recap @TheresaV 

April was fun on the Community with

@Cleoriff `s brilliant One Sentence story [and the hilarious contributions from the members]

The Easter Week with @TallTrees menus, @LukasB `s "lamb cake" and for being a good sport in taking the fun at his expense; and @TheresaV for the word game.

and a huge thank you to everyone who took part in the April Fool and Easter White Room Quizzes and the Word Hunt Diamond game - which are a pleasure to set and run.


It was also sad to hear of the passing of HRH Prince Philip and appreciated @Cleoriff`s thread which paid tribute to him.  




Girl in a jacket

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Great to hear that everyone had such a good time on the community in April @Mi-Amigo @TallTrees @Cleoriff, it sure keeps me entertained grin I really enjoy the One-Sentence-Story as well, maybe we should one again sometime soon? Until then, I am looking forward to the next movie night with everyone and hopefully you all holding my hand again through another film joy I swear I am such a chicken, I'm so easy startled I jumped when the bus drove past me yesterday.....

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