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Community Highlights from September 2018!

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Hi everyone!


While we enjoy the beginning of October, it's time to take a quick look back on what happened last month here on the Community! slight_smile

There were many interesting topics created during September and we've picked a few things to highlight below. Feel free to suggest other topics too that you have found helpful, interesting, fun or otherwise to your liking as there are so many to choose from. grin

Thanks everyone for starting and participating in these discussions, it's much appreciated. I'm hoping we'll have another great month ahead! 


  General Discussions


Which new iPhone are you most excited about?

We asked which one of the new iPhone devices you're looking forward to the most and if you're going to be ordering one. 


Discussion around iOS 12 - Have you updated? What do you think?

Did you update your phone to iOS 12? There's a lot of new interesting features including Screen Time and Measure!


Samsung and huawei and others

Which one of the 5 Android handsets would you get and why?


Do you know sign language?

A topic celebrating International Day of Sign Languages.


  Member News


Community Rewards for September

We had a lot of people asking and answering questions on all things related to O2 and mobile and generally keeping the community a fun place to be during September. As usual we'd like to say thank you to those members and apply a bit of credit towards their next bill or on their PAYG balance. Check here if you're on the list! slight_smile



It's always lovely to hear about positive experiences, and here's one that was really great to see. slight_smile


New members Transferred from TALKTALK

A welcoming thread for our new member put a smile on our faces last month!


  Community-Created Content


The ways to pay guide by Cleoriff was split in 2 separate guides for clarity, check them out below:

How-to guide for unlocking your phone by MI5 was updated with some additional information at the bottom for iPhones:

Cheers both! slight_smile


  O2 Announcements


iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max & iPhone XR Megathread

Check out the above thread for help and FAQs around the new Apple devices, including information on ordering and pre-orders for the XR.


New Alcatel devices were announced


And Samsung too


  Other Topics


The X-Factor

Lots of discussion around this show - are you following it? If so, head to this topic to talk about the episodes. grin


Gardeners in the O2 Community

Lovely topic about gardening! sunflower


Google Tips

Some interesting tips listed here around using Google. Have more? Jump in and add yours!


Things I just realised..

This is one of the most randomest (and also one of the most popular!) threads we've seen in a while and enjoyed reading the comments a lot! Check it out. grin


What kind of books do you like to read most?

We asked the community what kind of books you like to read, and it sparked a lively discussion. slight_smile




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Yes a really busy and exciting place to be last month.

One major thing has been forgotten. A big thanks to @Marjo @Martin-O2 and @EmilieT for their continued help with unlocking phones. I have never seen that as part of the community managers role but they have excelled with that over the past two months.

No 'creeping' intended. Just telling it like it is. So well done to you three wink

*The Game Is On*

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Not applicable

When you stick it all together, it does look rather busy! 


And C is right. A definite hats doff to the bods who keep this place up and running! 

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Just a quick mention that my August reward has been credited, still awaiting September. I was under the impression they would go on together? Or maybe they are going through just August so as not to get confused.....smiling


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Thanks guys it's been a busy few weeks with the increase in unlocking requests and iPhone stuff but we got through it will all your help! smiling

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