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Hi everyone,


We have a lot of different discussion boards here on the Community, each themed around a product or service. If you're looking for help or want to jump in some conversations, we've listed below all our current forum boards so you can find your way around more easily. slight smile


Welcome & News

Where you can find O2 announcements, Community news, and starting topics.


O2 Products & Services Mobile Devices
Pay Monthly
For all queries related to Pay Monthly contracts
O2 Priority
Ask your Priority-related questions, find the latest information on Priority offers,
and share you Priority experiences!
For all queries related to the use of an Apple device
Pay as You Go
For all queries related to the Pay As You Go experience
My O2
For all queries related the use of the My O2 app & website
For all queries related to the use of an Android device
Business Customers
For all queries and discussions related Businesses and Business contracts
Other Products & Services
For any other queries you might have on Products or Services
Other devices
For all queries related to the use of any other device
General Discussion Content Created by our Community
Discussions & Feedback
Share your feedback or discuss O2 products, services and the Community
How-to Guides
A collection of useful guides created by Community Members
Off Topic
Talk about anything and everything you'd like!
A collection of insightful reviews created by Community Members

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