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Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X Megathread

O2 Social Media Team
O2 Social Media Team
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O2 will offer Apple’s latest products starting on 22nd September 2017, including the new generation iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Customers will be able to pre-order iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus beginning 15th September at, in store, voice and online, with iPhone X pre-order beginning Friday 27th October

iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone X

We expect there will be many questions ranging from student discount, to unlocking, to yearly upgrades and everything in-between. See our extensive Q&A section immediately under this post, and let us know if there's anything missing you think we should mention there.

Hi. I'm from the Social Media Team.

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Well no, Vodafone online says 1-2 weeks for 256gb space grey. O2 saying more than 4 weeks 🤷🏼‍♂️
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I meant to order the 256gb silver version on pre-order day with 20gb storage but accidently ordered the 64gb version with 50gb storage so i cancelled the order later that day and reordered what i`d meant to order which was the 256gb silver iphone x with 20gb data on the 31st Oct, my order has been in progress since then but i chatted woth online chat a few minutes ago and got told as far as they could tell my phone was in despatch mode and i should get it very soon, i have my doubts.   

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I ordered an Iphone X from you on Monday 6th November and I'm just curious as to when it will possibly be delivered? On the website it says it takes 1-2 working days however I've still not recieved a text about it being dispatched. Any idea of when I'll recieve it?

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Yeah its kind of a joke. i ordered mine ( Space grey 256gb) on pre order day as soon as it went up and still have not recieved mine. just been on chat with 02 and they are say still a 1 to 2 week delay. absolute joke when companys like vodafone is 1 to 2 weeks delivery if you order today. 

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Just had a phone call off EE following up from live chat I had with them, the guy said if I order today I will get the phone within 7days (256gb silver). Don’t understand how O2 are saying 3-4week when he has just said that?
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My point was the person you speak to knows nothing about your order other than what is on the screen, they personally are not responsible. If you paid £1k upfront fair play you have a point, I didn't it was a monthly contract and I paid £29.99 upfront.


If there is misinformation given out, then that's not right, when I ordered it said upto 4 weeks, that was fine I accepted that. I contacted o2 once to see if they had a rough idea of the time scale as I was considering the 256GB version while I was thinking about that I got a text saying the order was dispatched, decision made. I had a 16GB 6 plus, I simply needed more storage I can upgrade on o2 in 12 months so happy enough.


I understand the frustration as I said my point was although o2 may or may not have created the situation, it's a person on the other end who likely has very little extra to go on until they receive a notification on screen as to what is happening.


Anyway I hope those waiting get their phones fast, are happy with them and it ends well for everyone.

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@Anonymous We're all O2 customers here so won't have access to the stock system however the online system isn't live stock levels so there may be a chance it is out of stock.

Given Apple's lead time is currently 3-4 weeks I would expect something similar if not longer from O2 depending on what variant you have ordered.

A quick call to Customer Services though will be able to confirm if the phone is in stock and to be with you soon or not
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Oredered a space gray 64gb on the 27th.

dont mind waiting but i would have liked a rough date of arival, just spoke on live chat and they said that they will find out about resiving stock in 72 hours. I allso know that there not to be trusted though.

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Ah right, Thank you for the reply I'll give customer service a call.
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I preordered my on upgrade approx 9am on 27th October, 256gb Space Grey. My order has said "in progress" since 27th October after i recieved my confirmation. 


I know alot of people have said online chat is a waste of time, but i thought i would give it a go. Firstly he congratulated me on my iphone x! i thougth wehey im getting somewhere, then said that they are out of stock and is not sure when i will recieve my phone.disappointed 


i had kind of accepted the fact i would have to wait considering i wasnt on bang on 8am but the fact that people are recieving their phones has got me interested again, plus the fact my iphone 6 seems to detect that their is a new phone around and has started failing! 


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