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Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X Megathread

O2 Social Media Team
O2 Social Media Team
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O2 will offer Apple’s latest products starting on 22nd September 2017, including the new generation iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Customers will be able to pre-order iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus beginning 15th September at, in store, voice and online, with iPhone X pre-order beginning Friday 27th October

iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone X

We expect there will be many questions ranging from student discount, to unlocking, to yearly upgrades and everything in-between. See our extensive Q&A section immediately under this post, and let us know if there's anything missing you think we should mention there.

Hi. I'm from the Social Media Team.

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looks like you ordered a full week after some of these guys and they don’t even have a date of expected delivery.  Can’t believe this phone went out of stock within a few hours. Anything ordered after that day I’d expect a 3+ week delay. 

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I ordered a 64 SG on 27/10 at about 5:30pm. Not heard of o2 at all (what a shock!) just spoke to o2 chat and they have said that I will be receiving an email/txt within the next 24 hours as they have sent a request to their warehouse saying my order is priority! I’m assuming this is a lie but we will wait and see!
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I ordered a 64 SG on 27/10 at about 5:30pm. Not heard off o2 at all (what a shock!) just spoke to o2 chat and they have said that I will be receiving an email/txt within the next 24 hours as they have sent a request to their warehouse saying my order is priority! I’m assuming this is a lie but we will wait and see!
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@mrsbaker1 wrote:


What is voLTE?? Never heard of it. 

o2 call it 4g calling

iPhone 11 Pro 256gb on unlimited data
iPad Pro 12.9” 2020 256gb refresh o2 family discount
Apple Watch series 4
My first mobile was in 1995 a CM-R111 from sony on Cellnet.
Wincanton South Somerset (Full 4g 3G 2g indoor coverage) Remember we are all customers here not customer services

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I also got the "you'll get a dispatch confirmation in the next 24 hours" line from live chat yesterday.  Called 202 this morning and was advised that the longstop delivery date for mine is 8th December and the order status remains at Future Dated Dispatch.


- Order confirmation email received 27th October 08:48

- Space Grey 256GB iPhone X

- Sorry for the delay text received 16:34

- Click and Collect


The advisor explained that the click and collect stock allocation is distinct to that allocated for home delivery and suggested that I may wish to cancel the pre-order and try to locate stock in a local store.  I asked her to call the chosen click and collect store who responded that they didn't have any expectation of stock, other than for in-store pre-orders, until December.


Of course, this all carries the usual health wanring as to the accuracy of the information being provided...

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I ordered a 64GB Space Grey as well, but on the 4/11 at about 2pm. Just got told by o2 chat that I will be receiving an email/txt within the next 24 hours and I will get the phone in the next 1-3 working days. So hopefully both of ours will come!

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I have been monitoring o2 forums for IPhone release info for the past 3 years.

What I have learnt from experiance is that o2 chat have hardly ever been correct for anyone. When they have been correct it has been pure coincidence. The persons you speak to on chat are based in a call centre in India or Pakistan I believe, and have NO way in knowing when you will get your phone. If you believe o2 chat then you are living in false hope. All you have to do is read pages of this thread to see o2 chat give dates for delivery pulled out of thin air.

There is a high demand for this phone which is not o2’s fault. The mid-information from
O2 chat is cruel as it gives false hope to people. All you can do is be patient and just expect your phone at some point.

Never ever ever rely on o2 chat please!
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I’ve just gone back into the thread from the IPhone 7+ last year. Exact same issues 😂



Toby, that's not true at all. We have all been waiting patiently for an update and most, if not all of us, have no idea when to expect our phones.


We have been fed misinformation after misinformation by Live Chat and CS representatives for the past few days. Not one of us can get a straight answer from any one of them regarding a delivery of our phones.


My status still says 'in progress', and has said that since I placed my order at 0805 last Friday. I'm guessing that the majority of people on this forum are in the same situation.


Saying that the status will change soon is like trying to stick a band aid over a gaping wound. I've been with o2 for over 16 years, when they were called BT Cellnet, and this is the final straw.


When it comes down to a community having to piece together their own evidence, because they can't get any intelligent or straight answers, your system has failed atrociously.


We deserve some respect and to be treated with some intelligence, we know this status won't be changing anytime soon. You and the CS Reps need to man up and admit this when we speak to them.

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How can o2 staff ignore this thread especially since they started it... Nit impressed o2 the way you’re treatimg customers that will bring you on average £2000 over the term of our contracts that you’ve yet to start.
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I've been watching this thread for a while as I too am caught up in this debacle... Here's my experiences so far and there is a little ray of hope for some delayed pre-orders (the 256GB in Silver) but not mine unfortunately.


I pre-ordered the now as rare as unicorn tears 256GB Space Grey iPhone X confirmed @ 9:32am 27th Oct, a click and collect order, at time of order confirmation was showing as collection on launch (3rd Nov).


Obviously that didn't happen, 202 customer services we're next to useless, swamped with complaints etc. so on Tues 7th Nov I raised an official complaint via email to - outlined my issues and today I've had 2 phone conversations with a complaints advisor (they call you).


My issue was that they've missadvised on delivery / collection date, in my case I paid off my iPhone 7 128GB as its my teenage daughters birthday this month (23rd) and she's thrilled to be getting my "old" phone, I could have upgraded without paying it off, so given the situation no iPhone X for upto 6 weeks.

I went on to explain that I've been with them since BT Cellnet days (almost 20yrs now I think) and have upgraded phones on launch day for many years with no issues (iPhones 3, 3GS, 4, 5, 6 and 7) so it seems this time in particular the wheels have rather fallen off their wagon.


The complaints advisor tried valiantly to come up with a solution, their current situation (as of 1pm today) is that the 256GB Space Grey X are out of stock with NO DATE for stock arrival - showing an UPTO 6 week wait from todays date. She's called more than a dozen stores on my behalf trying to locate a cancelled order for me, and nothing, so she's upheld my complaint (that they have failed as advertised) and they will credit my account with a days airtime cost for each day I'm waiting (after 3rd Nov that is - upto 56days) - we've agreed I'm not happy with the outcome (who would be) as I might as well have not bothered pre-ordering and could have just gone round a few Apple stores on launch day and got one that way, as a few of my friends did.


So I'm now at DEADLOCK STAGE (their official term) and the only course of action is escalation via the Ombudsmen, they are under no illusions that I am now actively seeking to find the phone direct from another provider / Apple and as soon as I manage that (if) then my account will be getting cancelled (along with my order).


The good news for anyone with a pre-order of a 256GB X in Silver is that they have more stock coming in on 14th November, so whoever that applies to might be getting their phones back end of next week, I even tried to switch my order from Space Grey to Silver (even though I really dislike the silver personally) but they couldn't guarantee me a phone from that stock arrival even given the situation currently.


I expect nothing at all from the Ombudsman as long before we get through to end of that stage I'll have sourced a phone from somewhere and will have moved my account and phone no from O2, there is the slight chance that 256GB Space Grey stock arrives with O2 sooner, but from their systems they dont have a date at all, just within upto 6weeks.


Don't hold your breath folks and if you want some proper answer go via the official complaints email system and they will call you back within 5days usually.

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