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9 Highlights from August 2018!

Hi everyone, 


As Summer draws close to an end, it's time for another quick recap of what happened last month. Once again a lot of fantastic topics were created over August. We've picked a few interesting posts and discussions, but there were so many it was tough to boil it down so please go ahead and share your own highlights of August the comments as well! 


A huge thanks to all of you for such a great August and Summer months overall; very excited to see what September brings Happy Dance


General Discussions


Business customers 

This newer board saw some very interesting conversation taking place last month - thanks to everyone who shared their insights on what makes a happy workplace, and retail vs online experience last month, and please feel free to start a new discussion if you've anything Business or Work-related you'd like to discuss.


Mobile device & mental health: your tips

Making sure everyone can make the most of products and services and get the advice they need and accessibility matters in general are increasingly important for O2. We'd like to get regular conversations going around this, and we started this month with a thread on how your mobile device can help with mental health. You can give it a read and join the discussion: don't hesitate to share your opinions, experiences and tips with the other members!


 Member news


Community Spotlight: Darrengf

After 10 years on the Community & 10 How-to Guides, we asked Darrengf some questions to get to know him better. Go say hi and ask him anything you're curious about!


Community Rewards: August 

Each month, we want to shout out to the many of you who are helping out, asking questions, giving feedback, and generally just keeping the community a fun place to be. With the Community Rewards, you can get credit for your next bill or your PAYG balance, so if you're on the list please reach out to one of the Community Managers with your phone number, and a big thank you!


 Community-Created Content


How do I know my Community Reward has been applied?

Gmarkj put together a very helpful guide for anyone news to our Community rewards, or unsure of the process. Make sure to give it a read, and if you're feeling inspired feel free to create a new Guide for the forum!


Review of Huawei P20 Pro

After using his new device for a few days, Welshsteve76 wrote a thorough review of the different features and functionalities it offers. If you were considering getting a Huawei P20 Pro yourself, or are just curious about other devices, it's a very interesting read - why not review your current phone for the other members next? 


 O2 Announcements


O2 unveils its revolutionary O2 Custom Plans

O2 shared some news about their new Custom Plans, allowing you to tailor your individual plan to suit your needs and lifestyle. Curious? You can read more in our post, see what others' think of it, and share your own thoughts on it as well!


O2 tests LiFi in new Network trial

As O2 launches a LiFi trial, we shared with you some potential benefits from this new tech and asked you what you thought of it. If you're interested about what LiFi is and its potential, head over to this topic and let us know what you think slight smile


 Other topics



Over the past few months you've all had a lot of fun starting and participating in some games: the main threads over the past month have been Music AZ, Films AZ, TV Shows AZ, and 3 Word Story. It's not too late to jump in!

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