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Question regarding pac code and transferring

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Okay. So over a week ago I decided to leave EE and was given a pac code they shut down service to that number the very next day. I gave my pac code and put in for a port with O2 but ever since those guys have been messing me around. I was told it was in processing since Monday were on Thursday now, and O2 rep told me one of their technicians will call me today which of course failed to do. Since O2 don't value their customers and like messing them around I was thinking is it too late to back out and do the pac code with a competent network?


I really want to keep the number i've had it for years and have important accounts linked to it. So can I provide the pac code to another network despite that's currently in O2's hands? That way whoever ports it over gets my money, i've been without the number for 9 days and just need it back asap.

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It may not work depending on how far the process has got with O2, but you've nothing to lose by trying.

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