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Password being requested without setting one

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Dad has a Samsung A6 and has had it for a number of years. Today it's decided to crash and now asks for a password to get onto the phone. He has never had or set a password. Where or how can I find whatever this password is so he can access his phone again?

I've restarted it several times, it won't let me turn it off completely without this password. He can't call or text. And is now worried that if he has to get a new phone he won't be able to transfer everything over, including photos of special occasions.

Can anyone help?

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Phones dont set a random password, unless one is set on the device. 


Try the Google Account password on the device,


As otherwise it will have to go back to Samsung along with Proof of Purchase for them to reset it and everything will be lost at that stage, if you cant factory reset it yourself. 

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Thanks for replying.


He does not have a Google account or a Samsung account. I have been through emails to check if he's set one but nothing. 


Samsung have said they can repair and back up some/most of his data so not all is lost. We just don't know why it's happened today. He has had the phone since 2016 and has never been asked before.


He would not know how to set one himself so if he had set one I would have been there and would know it but nope! He's never wanted one so we never put one on.

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