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Communicating with O2 on 03448090222

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Yesterday I went the O2 store in Cardiff St. Davids.  I asked a member of staff to help with a lost phone and pay as you go Sim.  He was helpful and put me in contact with the correct team using the store's phone. I spent an hour organising a replacement SIM using the same number, signing a contract for a pay monthy account.  When I got the activation email, the number I had been given was not the same as the lost SIM.
Today I tried calling 03448090222 but the phone line was bad.  Sarah, the team member I was talking to could not hear me properly so we had to stop the call.  She called me back twice but still the line was bad. 

I need a team member for dealing with lost pay as you go SIMs to call me on (REMOVED) so I can resolve this issue.

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As you signed for a contract SIM this will have come with a new number.

What you need to do now is MIGRATE you PAYG number across

Details in this guide

Guide: Migration & porting into O2 

This is not O2 and we are all customers here similar to yourself and cannot answer account type queries.
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