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cost to call UK from abroad via Tu Go WiFi

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So, if I am abroad (lets say Spain) with Tu Go on my wifi only tablet. I am at my relatives home, connected to their EiFi network. I place a call via Tu Go on the tablet to a UK landline phone number, would I be charged:


a) nothing other than the deduction of the corresponding minutes from my monthly allowance




b) the cost of an international call from Spain to UK landline


I'm not clear how this scenario is supposed to be billed; if (b) I'm also unclear how O2 would know the geographic origin of my call in order to apply the correct international billing. 


Supplementary question: if in the above scenario I happen to have the O2 Abroad bolt on active, what if any difference would that make?

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Re: usage of bundled UK minutes when calling a UK number from abroad via Tu Go WiFi

If you are abroad connected to wifi only with mobile data on the phone switched off then there should be no charge other than the reduction of minutes from your allowance.


O2 Travel will only come into effect if you have mobile data switched on or make a call using the roaming network.

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Re: usage of bundled UK minutes when calling a UK number from abroad via Tu Go WiFi

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 From the O2 support page:



If you're using TU Go over the mobile network (GSM), you'll have to pay the normal roaming charges (the same as it would cost to use your mobile when abroad). If you're using TU Go over WiFi only, your calls and texts will cost the same as they would if you were in the UK – and will come out of your monthly allowance.


If you keep your data switched on while you're abroad, your Timeline and voicemail will keep using it to sync up in the background. Data roaming can be expensive. So you'll need to make sure your phone or gadget's settings are set not to use data when you're abroad. This includes using a 3G connection on your tablet. If you're connected to WiFi, you can sync your Timeline and voicemail for free.