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iPhone X Review.

by on ‎24-11-2017 10:47 - last edited on ‎28-12-2017 09:23 by (8,838 Views)

So I wanted to do a different review to the ones on the internet,  this is more based on everyday usage and how does it perform.


So I was one of the lucky ones to own the iPhone X from the start and going from an iPhone 7+ the size of the device is what was first noticed.  It fits really nice in your hand and is weighted beautifully.  The screen is stunning I can’t lie and the colours are so true of what you see, which I’ve now noticed that the iPhone 7+ being LCD doesn’t always show the correct colours, but I’m talking minuscule difference in colours.

The screen in sun is very good, in fact, today being a very cold a bright Autumn morning in November, the screen was clear and easy to see.  

I also went from a very warm house to -1 outside and no issues with stuttering.


Network performance:

So I’ve been using it with my o2 sim and no issues at all.  The speeds are no difference, but a couple of things I have noticed, downloads from the Apple store and downloading in general is much quicker,  you can see the phone sometimes when doing a network test, suddenly go into turbo mode.  It handles Carrier agrigation much better which is def it noticed.

call quality is very good, but I’ve now activated 4G calling and Wi-fi calling and I’ve not used Wi-fi calling yet, 4G calling is pure, crisp and clear. It’s like listening to CD Quality music and it’s also louder too.  I’ve noticed when I’ve moved out of a 4G calling area and gone back to either 3/2G, the sound is quieter and can become a little patchy. But 4G calling is excellent.


Wifi and Bluetooth:

no issues with either,  connect to many many Wi-fi routers without issue, speeds good and signal consistent.  It holds onto Wi-fi signal longer as well.

Bluetooth again not one issue,  connect to Sync in the car and has been flawless with every device I have tried.



they are louder and do have more Bass.  It was my ringtone that I noticed it on, with more of a solid boom sound.  It’s also noticeable on YouTube, music and when on calls.  They are so much clearer.


There are many people talking about the Phones not how, no issues at all to me.  Not bothered me one bit and I’ve also not missed the home button.  Yep took me a couple of hours to get used to it, but other than that, I love Face ID.


Face ID:

Love it, works like a treat,  when I wake in a morning it doesn’t open as I’ve one eye only half open and half my face in the pillow still asleep, but I’m only turning of the alarm so not an issue.

its learnt my face through November and even growing a beard and moustache for Movember, it’s worked flawlessly.

Again I’ve had no issues with Apple Pay with it or using it for my passwords or internet.  I fact it’s even easier using the internet now as when you get to a page wanting a password and as long you have it stored, the phone just looks at your face and puts it in straight away.  Simple.


I've Apple Watch 3 LTE and even though o2 don’t support it 😒. It still works without any issues.  Just the LTE function doesn’t work.  Come on o2 we need support for Apple Watch 3 LTE.


Wireless charging:

No issues worked with every QI wireless charger I’ve tried. It’s not fast for charging, but it charges fine.



Very good, much better in night shots and the photos are clear and have much more detail that’s the iPhone 7+, But even that produced some amazing photos.

Front camera:

This could have done being a Lower aperture to let more light in, but as it’s more used for selfies, it’s not a problem for them. I wish it just could let a little more light in for my liking.  But it’s still good compared to some phones newer phones on the market.


I do wish that Apple, however, would allow us more control over the camera in the normal camera app and not in the settings menu. But this is a gripe with software not phone itself.


Battery Life:

Yes, it’s a new phone so Battery life should be good,  but it really is much better than any iPhone I’ve ever owned, to be honest.

in my everyday use, I now get 2 full days with battery to spare, which I’ve never done on any iPhone or Android phone.  I’m not a Facebook user but do use Twitter and SMS, calls, email, browsing and a little YouTube use.

I'm not a heavy user, but I’m neither a light user as well.  


So normally in every review there is a but, but for me, I’ve not found one yet and that is really the truth.  I really do love the phone and even though people say 1k for a phone, you can buy a car for £600. To me, you pay for what you get. It looks quality, feels quality and is quality.


Now before Android people start on me lol, I also own a Wileyfox Swift 2plus. And I love that as well.  I like everything about Android and it’s usability.  But I just prefer the Apple way of doing things,  it’s more integrated and works smoother to me.

Android is amazing but amazing but what is annoying is the slowness of software releases by manufactures and then the changes networks can make if you buy it from them.  I’ve said from day one,  leave the phones alone and let them do what they were intended to do by Google.  


Of if you have any questions please ask.  I will gladly try to help with questions on both Apple Watch and iPhones.  Also happy to help with IPad and Wileyfox phones too 


on ‎24-11-2017 12:24

Lovely!!! Thanks for taking the time to post this!


I'm pleased to hear about the improvements on the speakers specifically, thanks for including that. Also using 7+ and I thought the speakers on that one already were great compared to my previous phones.


@darrengf wrote:



its learnt my face through November and even growing a beard and moustache for Movember, it’s worked flawless. 

Smiley Very Happy

on ‎24-11-2017 12:42

I want one! heart Thanks @darrengf Fantastic

on ‎24-11-2017 12:55

Thanks for this @darrengf Please let us know if it recognises your face after the beard and moustache disappear after Movember..wink

Or maybe you will decide to keep them for winter..Bouncy

on ‎24-11-2017 13:01

@Cleoriff I will don’t worry lol.  I will be clean shaven November 30th 11.59pm. It’s doing my head in lol. Crazy


@MercedesS You so need one.  But not mine. Sorry Jaw-dropping 


yes i I thought when I had 7+ there is no way of getting any louder. But they are and the base is what’s more noticeable. Drum

by Anonymous
on ‎24-11-2017 13:14
Loved the review and yes as you call I'm an android fan boy lol you like what you like so not sure why any android lovers would bash you
on ‎24-11-2017 13:36

Glad you're enjoying the phone but as good as your review is, I'm not tempted 😉

on ‎24-11-2017 13:49

Now come on @jonsie. You know you want to.  


Its only money lol, well Apples money know Confused

on ‎24-11-2017 13:53

@Anonymous You would be surprised lol.


ger it all time at work Destroy


but it it’s great reading about it online. Apple versus Android. Lol

by Community Manager
‎24-11-2017 16:24 - edited ‎24-11-2017 16:25

Nice review @darrengf! I'm an Android guy but I'm definitely tempted by the current iPhone! 

on ‎24-11-2017 17:20

@Martin-O2 can be converted!!! laughing

by Community Manager
on ‎27-11-2017 09:24

@Marjo We'll see! relieved

by Anonymous
on ‎27-11-2017 22:18 - last edited on ‎28-11-2017 16:35 by Community Manager

@darrengf I know what you mean I'm in a tech group with android and iPhone and we rip into one another if you want to join it it's called droids united on Facebook it's sort of like an o2 community were all help one another

on ‎17-04-2018 15:29

Hi Apologies if im duplicating something as ive only just joined but has anyone had any call quality issues with an iphone x. Been back to Apple and they did a full reset but still issues with the quality of the calls