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Sony Xperia Xz2 compact quick review

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Hi all, upgraded a week ago to 4gb refresh 24m. Previously had z5 compact which I loved. I'm no writer but here goes.

Xz2c has bigger screen than z5c and barely qualifies as compact. The screen is on a much less bezel body, not an edge phone though. Display is bright and clear, I don't feel a loss versus larger screen phones.

Camera has lots of options but I don't use them. Pics come out looking pretty good to me. The slo mo video is a toy but fun. The body is a lovely size for camera use, also a nice curvy back to grip nicely without blocking the lens. Selfie camera also of course, its OK...

Battery life looks like an easy day from an overnight charge, dropping only to 52% on the worst day of medium calls, text, browsing and Spotify. Really impressive with Stamina mode there if you need to.

A lot of bloatware so get ready to do a bit of uninstalling and disabling. But there 64gb storage and I've my Spotify downloads on my class 10 32gb sd card so no issues foreseen. As an aside you can't move apps or their data or cache to sd on oreo, maybe this is just for Sony?

Performance from new snapdragon just what you'd expect, likely to be future proof for any challenge over the contract life.

Sound quality good by phone standards. I've my equaliser set for extra bass and I use Rock jaw Alpha Genus phones rather than the ones in the box. Only phones from a much higher price bracket would improve.

Day to day usage? Well I suppose I'd hardly have got it if I'd any doubt. And I don't. This is everything I'd hoped for, I really love it...

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This is a very nice quick review. I see the phone is everything you expected and more. Very pleased for you

Well done, I enjoyed reading it wink

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Great review @Betablue! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your new phone so much. smiling

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Awesome, nice to see you again @Betablue, I hope you've been well. Thanks a lot for posting your thoughts about your new phone! I also enjoyed reading it. slight_smile