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Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 review

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My Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Review




Talk Time Up to 11 hours


Standby Time Up to 285 hours (with Ultra Power Saving mode)


Dimensions 128.9 x 65.8 x 9.1 mm


Weight 121 grams


Screen Size 4.3 inches


Internal Phone Memory 8GB (ROM) + 1GB (RAM)

External Memory Card Type MircoSD (upto 64GB)

Operating System Android Kit Kat 4.4

Back Camera 5 MP FL Front Camera 1.3 MP Video Capture MPEG4, H.263, H.264 | Recording/ Playback : 720p@30fps Music Player Yes FM Radio







   So I was given a brand new phone, box still sealed, everything untouched! Shouldn’t matter, true, but for some reason it did.

I felt like I just got a unexpected gift trough the post and opening the box was going to reveal a little surprise…and it did!

  Running the risk of sounding a bit strange (moi?) I’ve nicknamed my little gift as Speedy Gonzalez!! Why? Well it’s kind of small, doesn’t look like anything amazing looks wise but from the moment it powers up, you know that first impressions can be deceiving! It is fast! Very fast!

I’ve proceeded then to investigate how much it costs… Really? That’s it? Talk about a good deal! I’m sure this needs to be investigated further…

Let’s be mean…1…2…3…4……10! That should do it! Ten apps opened all at the same time and … it’s behaving like nothing is happening. And believe me I’ve tried to crash it! Messed with all the apps, most of them accessing the internet, continuously working, and nothing! Go on Speedy!

  Now the menus. Typical android software…running Kit Kat 4.4.4….All the basic stuff like contact ,messages, camera, clock, (it’s got radio! I Though no mobiles had that anymore!)…etc.. are the first things you see when you first go on to the menus. Then you have all the most used Apps ( chrome, Gmail, you tube, Pinterest, amazon, Evernote, ebay,etc…) but no Facebook? No Twitter? Why? Fair enough you can download them but….a bit strange I would say…

  You also have other apps like play music, play movies and TV, google+, play store, etc… For some reason every time I look at it or even read what I’ve just typed I feel I just want to go "all hail google"…On that note, there are 5 pre-installed O2 apps. My o2, priority moments, O2 app space, O2 tracks and Tu Go.

  I did enjoy the camera, against my expectations. Took a few pictures, wasn’t particularly careful about holding the phone still but the camera performed really well, it doesn’t feel like just 5 MP. Impressed! As for the battery it could be a bit better … I have serious doubts about it lasting a full day if you are a heavy user… And to end on a more positive note I have to say that I love … the cover! If it didn’t scratch the screen I would have the phone facing down all the time just so that people could see how stylish it is!


So, not quite perfect but If you are on a limited budget or you are not into the all apps/internet thing, this may just be the phone for you.

It does what the other smartphones do, looks stylish and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

Good job Samsung!











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I have one of these on order as a company phone. ....... on EE

Be interesting to see how it performs round here for me with my personal mobiles up for renewal soon.
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I was pleasantly surprised! It's a nice little phone! When I tested the Z1 I was not impressed with android and now with the ace 4 I could understand why so many people like it slight_smile It's no note 4 but for a £100 phone not much more you can ask. As a work phone...hum...get another charger to take with u everywhere ....

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It's the modern day S3 - they can't go wrong wink
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I suspect I will make a couple of calls a year with it. Wasn't really bothered about a company mobile but I have to have one apparently.
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Nice review @Anonymous  Did you take any pictures you can share?...(I do love pictures) Happy Dance

We will soon be converting you to Android LOL

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Nice review, ideal then for an introduction for new smartphone users.:smileyhappy:

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How did I miss this ?!


Lovely job @Anonymous . I like the spec list and multi-app performance test wink


Great review

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Great review @Anonymous 


I really like the tone of this review, carefree  but at the same time accurate.