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Taxonomy card sort - wrap up!

Thanks to everyone who completed the card sort last week. We had 47 participants in the end. These were made up of our research panel, you guys and known customers. Here are a few headline stats from the results so far:
      1. Approx 41% of all participants named a category with variations on the theme ‘home’ e.g. ‘at home’, ‘from home’ etc. This increases to 63% for results from similar categories* - Although we suspect this is influenced by the pandemic, we feel it would be a useful addition moving forward in the long term. The current term ‘online’ wasn’t mentioned once.  
      2. We saw approx 32% create a category for getting ‘out’. 
      3. ‘Shopping’ was named as a category by approx 41% of all participants. As point 1 above, this increases to 69% when looking at similar categories* -  This is a current category and helps validate its position.
      4. Approx 16% (33% from similar categories) added ‘Wellbeing’, and approx 14% (29% from similar categories) wrote ‘health’ - Interestingly the current category name for this area, ‘unwind’ was not mentioned. 
*Similar categories = results from participants who grouped similar items together.
If anyone is interested in any of the above, let us know and we can get some more detail from the team. Smiley Happy
What's next?
In terms of next steps, we are planning to run a series of sessions with the research panel to validate a set of design concepts we have been working on.
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