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Push Notifications - What are your thought?

Hey guys,


hope you are well. A new week a new question for you guys. This week we want to hear all your thoughts on push notifications. So please pop your thoughts and answers below. We are looking forward to hearing from you. All your input shapes Priority and we are super thankful for all your input.


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  1. What are your thoughts on push notifications? Do you welcome suggestions or prefer to browse in your own time? There are a few areas for discussion below. 
  • I never like to receive push notifications 
  • Only when it’s super relevant to me (e.g. specified in my  in-app preferences) 
  • Depends on the frequency
  • I like hearing broad suggestions as it helps me discover new things. 
  • I’d prefer another channel of communication (e.g. email or text) 


  1. Lastly, What are the best and worst examples of push notification you’ve received and why?


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Re: Push Notifications - What are your thought?

I mostly turn them off as they are annoying.

Facebook is the worst for it by far. Constant drivel assaulting my phone!!!!

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Re: Push Notifications - What are your thought?

I'm not that keen on them. @LukasB

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Re: Push Notifications - What are your thought?

I get so many push notification for work apps it becomes a job just to clear and silence them.

For somethings they are useful such as my personal email, and my travel apps and my garmin, others just get turned off.,
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Re: Push Notifications - What are your thought?

I never use them. Tried once and was appalled at the amount which came through. Now push notifications are turned off.

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Re: Push Notifications - What are your thought?

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Re: Push Notifications - What are your thought?

Push notifications? They can push off, not a fan.  SMS by another name, of sorts.

iPhone users went ecstatic over them when Apple were the first out of the door with them, "'cos their calendar could talk to them". Meh.

The worst instance? "NHS COVID-19 Contact Tracing App" that tells you **** that makes your heart race - should only ping you when you have been close to a proven positive case and need to go get a test!



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Re: Push Notifications - What are your thought?

I don't mind push notifications as long as they are relevant, such as a reply on a Facebook post or an invitation in a game. I do get annoyed when I get a push notification for things like in game events ending soon or just reminding me I haven't played that day, but for the most part I do find them useful.
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Re: Push Notifications - What are your thought?

I turned it on for a few things but they soon ad up and emd up being irritating so now it's just a matter of time of stopping it lol
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Re: Push Notifications - What are your thought?

Push notifications - a mixed bag!
They can be useful for some apps (messaging ones normally) but "spam" messages from others is very annoying (games are a big culprit for this).
I think you would need to be able to tailor them individually - so a simple on or off would not work. You would need to be able to choose for things like competitions or prize draws, tickets for gigs/shows, new offers, etc.
Frequency is also key - you wouldn't like to get one every 5 minutes, but maybe once per week is not enough.
The test and trace ones like @pgn highlights are particularly bad - why do you need to know that there is no action? Surely you only need to know if there is something to do?

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