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A monthly Hamper

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Hi everyone, 


how are you guys doing today? Another week and another message from us. First of all: Thanks for all of the great feedback so far! This will be the final ‘design share’ from this round of work.


Next we will be deploying some live tests in Priority to replicate some of the concepts we’ve tested with you. We will share the overall findings when we they come in!




What’s the idea

This design shows the concept of a ‘virtual monthly hamper’. It would display 4-6 offers and perks tailored for you. Each month you’ll be shown a video showreel introducing each item, these will then be available throughout the month.


Talking points:

  • What’s your impression?
  • If hampers could feature anything, what would you like to see?
  • Would you like to see brands you’ve previously interacted with or new ones?
  • Is there anything in the design that isn’t clear? If so what?
  • Would you like to know about relevant offers coming up next month?

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I actually like this idea, as it is something different to what other rewards programmes offer, and actually could be useful.

It would be good to choose what you would be interested in, and they offers need to clearly show the expiry dates

Know what is next would be good say 7 days out of the new month.
I think the "Offer Hampers" should be a mix of everyday offer such as Greggs and Coffee Shops but also experiences and special items / one off purchases
I would love to see Starbucks and maybe some regional offers , and not things that seems to be London biased.
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Having a personalised section would be a great starting point.
How would offers be flagged for an individual? Based on preferences that you can choose/change? Based on historical items that you use/apply for?
Ideally it would be a mix of offers that are suitable for the user - can I redeem a free coffee or is there nowhere local? Have I asked about tickets for a particular artist?
As for brands, it would depend on how the offer matches what the user wants to see. No point seeing an offer for a Costa coffee if the user doesn't like coffee or doesn't live near one!
Upcoming offers again should be dependant on what the user wants to see, but yes it would be great to know what is round the corner.

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Who doesn't love a surprise hamper?

Great idea, go for it! 👍

Mind you, some things I'd look at briefly in Priority are ones I'd rather not be reminded by them repeatedly appearing in my hamper... I looked for a type of coffee some months back, and I still get ads for one type in my general browsing... 🙄


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What’s your impression?
Sounds like a good idea, one that I can definitely see catching on
If hampers could feature anything, what would you like to see?
Freebies from Gregg's, coffee shops etc would be great but also extras like a free month audible, spotify or other such services
Would you like to see brands you’ve previously interacted with or new ones?
It would be good for the app to remember preferences and recommend familiar brands and similar alternatives
Is there anything in the design that isn’t clear? If so what?
The design seems fairly clear, maybe a bolder font would be useful
Would you like to know about relevant offers coming up next month?
Yes, having a few days notice on offers can help as I can then plan when to use them
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I rarely use Priority as I've said before but I do think a hamper would be a good idea.

As others have said, a range of coffee/tea shops would be better than just one.

Offers as well to be more regional, than London based.

A bit bold I know, but as I have a couple of relatives who would use these, why can't they be transferable

Just an idea? yahoo

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Agree its a good concept, and is somewhat different from other reward programs.

I'd like to see a mix, I would like to see some offers O2 know are right for me (based on previous usage), and some new ones that might be based on my profile or preferences

Design looks clean and clear, and I would like to know what might be in-store for the next month
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I like the idea not got any feed back really for the other points lol
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