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I bought a paygo sony ericksson min pro in end March and it stopped functioning right.

I was constantly going into the shop  several times a week.  The settings kept changing themselves and other issues. They kept changing settings for me, they thought i had done it. I denied it, i showed them i could not of done as a password had been put on there. I had never been offered for it to be swapped or sent off for repair. I was now really fed up, costing me a fortune, just going there as i cannot drive. I had been so fed up constantly going in, i finally asked to speak to the manager.

He was the most arrogant ignorant man who laughed at me, took the michael so to speak and on top of all that he virtually called me a liar. I was so tired i had been waiting to see him and his time accumilated for two hours with my daughter. I requested to speak to his manager, he told me that he was the manager, so i asked to speak to the area manager, he refused to many, so i said ethics etc. So he got even more rude by trying to get me to tell him about every occasion i came in wanting to know who i spoke to, who touched my phone, date time you name it. This did not help my epilepsy, i was exhausted. I told him i did not like the phone in the sense that i have lost confidence. I told him look i will show you i am willing to make a gesture of good will by buying a more expensive phone and just give him the diffence in price, even more rude etc. So i left it there to be sent off to be repaired, there was a fault and i have the box to proove it was repaired it. I still told him that it was not fit for purpose, not interested!!!! I went to pick it up and i was scared as he had made me feel scared to go in.


It has broke down again. I waited until i went to southend hoping that they would send it off, they could not take it. So i waited until my daughter was free at the weekend as i was scared to go in although all the other staff are nice. We took it back, i told the nice chap that it was not fit for purpose and told him about the manger - he asked which one, we have 3. That made me even more mad. Left the phone there to be sent off for re[air as the manager was not there as my daughter wanted to talk to him. 

Am i going mad? Please advise, don't want that phone back or that one at all, not now. Web chat has been good but they cannot do anything as i bought it from the shop, although it is owned and run by them and not franchised. I hope that i have explained this right.Many thanks.

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