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phone sim contact

hey i have lost my phone and need a replacement sim but i also want to change my number how would i do this could i do it in store


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Re: phone sim contact

Hi @colleencolleen1


The first thing you MUST do is report your phone as lost



Lost or stolen device
If your device has been lost or stolen, we're available 24 hours a day to help. We can block your device, and send you a new sim with your existing number. If your device has been stolen, you need to let us and the police know within 24 hours. If it's been lost, just let us know within 24 hours. We'll then cap your liability for calls and data to £100, in case there is any unauthorised use of your device.

  • If you're a Pay Monthly customer, call us on: 0344 809 0202, or +44 344 809 0202 if you're abroad.
  • If you're a Pay As You Go customer you'll need to call: 0344 809 0222 or +44 344 809 0222 if you're abroad.

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Re: phone sim contact

@colleencolleen1 O2 will allow you one number change free of charge 

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Re: phone sim contact

Customer service will allow you one free number change. Ask them when you report the phone stolen and they will send you a new SIM and number. You will need to call them again once you receive it and ask to remove the bar on your account.