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online itemised bill


Is it possible to get an online itemised bill
i.e a bill that shows phone useage call by call as I used to get with the paper bill
My phone bills seem a bit random since I went paperless and there dose not seem to be a way of finding out why

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online itemised bill

If you can login to your account (My O2) you'll find all calls, text and data are itemised.

For your last bill just go to the box in "My O2" that says "My O2 bill summary" and click on the "view bill details" button. This takes you to your current bill (should look the same as your paper bill). Near the top of this is a link "What I've used". Click on this to get to a page with links to calls, texts and data. Click on these to see your full usage lists for that period.

Same goes for recent charges. Click on "details" in the "Recent charges" box of My O2 and this gives you links to your call, text and data usage.

Hope this helps

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