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o2 may have lost my online order

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I already have a iPhone and an iPad agreement on refresh, but needed a new personal phone & wanted a new number so decided to get a new contract. Late last night (about 23:50) I ordered a new iPhone X for home delivery on a refresh contract.


I've got all the CCA agreement emails, but online when I was signing my agreement when I pressed submit the website crashed. In total I've got 5 emails;

  1. SECCI
  2. "Click Here" for T&Cs
  3. Key Information for refresh
  4. CCA
  5. "Your o2 Refresh order"

Now on email no 5, when I go onto "click here" to return to the order to what I presume is to finalise the agreements, I'm greeted with a webpage "Our Shop is very busy at the moment" and cannot complete the order.


Bizarrely, this happened to me about 4 years ago when I took out the original iPad contract!!


I'm at a loss of what to do, if I go in store will they be able to find the order? I remember previously the advisor just wanted me to reapply and wasn’t too helpful.


Very frustrated to say the least.

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Re: o2 may have lost my online order

@nigrub94 It's very late, so it's probably best to wait and see if the system updates overnight. There would be no one to speak to at this time of night, so I suggest you call Customer Service between 8-8.30 tomorrow, which will decrease your wait time. We are all customers here, so no one could help you with tracing your order. Call on 202 free from your mobile. Good luck.


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Re: o2 may have lost my online order

Tried again this morning, gone through all fine. o2 website is very strange lol
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Re: o2 may have lost my online order

They run maintenance every evening around midnight so it's best to avoid any activity around that time.
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