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new pay monthly, problems topping up

I have just started a pay monthly package and I seem to be running out of data very quickly, 500mb allowance. However when I try to top up extra on My O2 it goes right through to authorising the payment and comes up with a screen saying 'Somethings broken'. Please help if you can, before I go mad.

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Re: new pay monthly, problems topping up

The link may be glitching today. You may need to contact CS http://www.o2.co.uk/contactus


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Re: new pay monthly, problems topping up

Have you tried online or through the app?
Try both ways.
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Re: new pay monthly, problems topping up

go into settings and turn the apps that you dont want to use moblle date to wifi only and use wifi when at home.  I only use 1 gig a month.  and i use social media apps alot when i am out which i think uses alot of my data along with emails.  


Hope that helps Cat

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