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Re: internet

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Re: internet

Thats a shame to say they cant articulate themselves.. Maybe they are in a panic or maybe they dont speak good english or possibly dyslexic, Some people dont always speak proper articulated english on forums that are relaxed about how you speak because its a casual chat and dont care how you word the message as long as the main point is said.Not everyone speaks "proper" like people who speak like they are dealing with official issues for example like speaking to police or their boss or someone high up who expects proper speech. This is a forum used by people of all walks of life who speak different ways, As long as the main point is told then it should not be a problem. the user said "my web isnt working" right away i knew that they meant that they were having issues with going online on their mobile device.. So simple.. But instead they get belittled for not being articulate.Only one came forward to help because they understood what they were meaning so thumbs up to you Beaufighter...I feel that was quite Snobbish of you Stuart to say that to the person having an issue.. You could of said " im sorry that your having problems with your web, Could you clarify the problem. Have you checked your settings on your device etc etc" you get the picture.. But no you made them feel bad for coming to a forum looking for help in a possible panicked state or limited english or possibly dyslexic .. I wonder if that user ever came back looking for help after being belittled by you... My appoligies everyone out there.. i just hate when people dont think as to why people say how thay say things and put them down in a heartless manner like they are superior or like some sort of grammar teacher lecturing their pupils. THINK B4 YOU SPEAK... and show some respect to the person with the issue no matter how they speak.... Sorry... Rant over... Thank you.

So you actually believe that either of those posts was articulate, a dyslexic may well have written as much as you. It would be hard to understand but you could probably get the drift! I may have trouble with their posts but at least they try. The OP just needs to learn how to talk and write!