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awful customer service, many times over

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New to thisbut not to O2. Been with hem for years (6+) but in the past 6 months have had so much trouble. First wouldn't let me upgrade to the phone I wanted, then when they did the disconnected me. all i got was a sorry after hours on the phone trying to get it back on, don't know how that happened. Then to top it off they have just charged me £700 for my disconnection that was their fault and not even supposed to happen. All ive got from that is £20 goodwill gesture. Had to cancel DD to stop payment leaving bank and then the had the audacity to suspend my service for none payment. Feel like they taking the mick big time. Any ideas how to get more compensation??

thanks :robotmad:
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I don't know about all you guys but if my line got disconnected and I was unable to use my phone £20 and sorry would not leave me singing the praises of o2 either! I guess twilightaddict
will simply have to go with whats been suggested put it all in writing and state what they are expecting.

£700 out of an account is alot of money if you have bills coming in that won't get paid, credit files being affected by none payments etc

Anyway twilightaddict, Don't know the full story but can kind of understand why you felt it would be ok to post your situation on an open forum for a bit of support and advice......

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People have this weird idea that compensation is something that's supposed to make you feel better. It isn't, in law it is just a reimbursement of any money you have had to spend.
People often confuse it with a goodwill gesture. They ask for compensation and then get upset when they don't get as much as they think. Don't forget that you don't have to accept what is offered. That's where complaining properly comes in. Its simply pointless to ask for comments and give incomplete and contradictory remarks.
Stick to the facts, don't embellish, exagerate, or make accusations and if you have a genuine case you will get sorted.
Follow the procedure in my previous post.
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