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Want 2 move bills

Hi my daughter is 21 in Feb shes got her own job, but has 2 lines on my account, she lives at home with me hubby and brother 16, she always pays her Bill's, but I think it's about time she used her bank 2 pay them independently, as I dont want my sons nor mine or hubby's getting cut off for late payments.  Suffering surfer stress over so much and I know she wud be happier with direct depits  than me nagging xx ty guys HELP xx

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Re: Want 2 move bills

@natchat80 In order for your daughter to have her own account, the ones she currently has running now on your account would have to be paid off. She would then have to apply for her own account which would be subject to a credit check.


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Re: Want 2 move bills

@natchat80 until the contract is due for upgrade, you can change the payment method to a direct debit from your daughter's bank account.

At the point the upgrade is due, she can apply for her own contract without having to pay off anything on the current one..

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Re: Want 2 move bills


To change payment details to your daughters bank, you need to go into My O2 http://www.o2.co.uk/myo2

and change where you see Manage my details.

My Details.PNG

Best of luck and welcome to the forum Welcome

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Re: Want 2 move bills

@natchat80 However your daughter pays the current account, if she wants to take one out in her own name she will need to apply herself, and pass a credit check. Her paying the current one doesn't matter for that as the account is still in your name.


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Re: Want 2 move bills

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Good morning @natchat80, did you get a chance to look through all the useful advice above? If you still need further help with this, please do let us know slight smile

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