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Upgraded Phone - No Signal - What Have I Done Wrong?

Hi I'm hoping somebody could help me with a problem that i'm having. So, I've just upgraded my phone from an iPhone to a HTC One X. I ordered the phone online on Friday and have recieved my new phone this morning. Anyway, I've charged it up and had a bit of a play with it, however, I am unable to get a signal or anything (I can get my home wifi connection but not 3G etc). Now, this is the first time that i've upgraded a phone so i'm a bit unsure of the process involved and it's probably my own fault for forgetting to do somethig to make it not have a signal. I had no signal at 3pm and i've just checked it now and it still has no signal. I inserted the 'micro' SIM that came with the new phone into the phone. However, should I have done something with regards to my iPhone SIM card (even though that SIM Card won't fit into the new phone). On MyO2 it says that my current phone is the iPhone. Can anyone give me some advice of anything that I need to do to 'activate' my phone or something? Thanks.
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Re: Upgraded Phone - No Signal - What Have I Done Wrong?

You need to transfer your contract details to the new SIM card and activate it. Call CS on 202.
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Re: Upgraded Phone - No Signal - What Have I Done Wrong?

once you have transfered your details, it will take up to 24 hurs before the new sim will become active