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dear O2
I placed an upgrade a couple of weeks ago for my iPhone 6, then my wife's a day later. She got hers on launch day I'm still waiting. This I'm sure has to do with the colour I requested. However.. I've received messages telling me my Amazon fire is coming, apologies, and now the amazing 4g that I can't use because you haven't upgraded me yet!!! I would suggest a little more thought goes into future messages for example a friendly timescale update for those who are waiting and maybe a message saying I know your still waiting but 4g will be fantastic when you get your new phone. Yours very close to cancelling Brian
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Re: Upgrade

Hi Brian, feel free to join in with the other threads for people still waiting in the Apple section......
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Re: Upgrade


As fellow customers like you I'm sure we all sympathise with your situation.

Perhaps ring O2 on 202 for official info on your order status.
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Re: Upgrade

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Admire your patience but you may be better posting in the main thread running.