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Hi , i have a long winded question..🙄. I’m due an upgrade, but the phone I have already is fine ((Iphone 7 ) soooo I want to upgrade to an iPhone 6 so I can give the 6 to my husband and I will keep my iPhone 7.. so when the new phone arrives I will have the SIM card with all the data and use it in my old phone, can I then go to o2 and get a new SIM card for my husband and keep his phone number, he is currently on o2 sim only With a Samsung phone. So can I get him a new sim for an iPhone, sim only keepin his oringinal number. I don’t even know if this makes sense. I know what I mean but don’t know if I’ve explained it right 🤪

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Re: Upgrade

Yes you can do that. If his sim is the same size he can simply put the sim in the iphone 6. If it's a different size needed, then he can just pop into the O2 store and they will provide a free sim and swap the number over for him.

Failing that he can swap is number over here : http://swapmysim.o2.co.uk/

He may find that his present sim is a 3 in 1 whereby he can simply press out the right nano size.

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Re: Upgrade

Hey @Nichola1, let us know how you're getting on with this and if you're now all good to go with your upgrade? Do you need any additional help? Smiley Happy 

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