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Upgrade woes

Hi all, I’m looking to upgrade and I’ve found a contract with CPW for an iPhone X 64gb £38 per month and £249 upfront. They’ll give me £305 for my phone. O2 direct similar contract will cost me £300 more over the 24 month period.

I’m currently on a sim only contract until Oct 19. O2 won’t waiver the cancellation fee unless I upgrade with them which is practically blackmail and poor business sense - cancelling a 8 month contract and putting me on an 24 month contract for more airtime money per month.

Anyone got any ideas? O2’s cancellation fee is around £111. Which is ridiculous.
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Re: Upgrade woes

Hi @Alex1 unfortunately if you want to upgrade elsewhere, you have no option but to pay the fee.

O2 will only waiver this if you upgrade with them directly.

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Re: Upgrade woes

If you are sim only then you have to pay the remaining months multiplied by the tariff. I'm not sure why you think they will waive the fee in order for you to upgrade elsewhere  Its a matter of paying or waiting. Loyalty means nothing to O2 and there is a scenario whereby you upgrade with another network  Course you knew all this when you read the terms and conditions..... 

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Re: Upgrade woes

Upgrading with CPW and paying o2 £23 for the new tarriff per month instead of £17 I thought they’d jump at the chance. And for an extra 24 months rather than 8 months.
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Re: Upgrade woes

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@Alex1 You now also have to factor in the £111 it will cost you to cancel, so maybe it's not such a great deal. O2 asking you to upgrade with them in order to waive the cancellation fee isn't blackmail. It's a pretty standard business practice.


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Re: Upgrade woes

Yeah I gathered that, still £190 cheaper than a direct upgrade from o2 - but they said the extra money enables me to change my data each month giving me flexability with my tariff 😂 ‘Cause that’s worth £190?
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Re: Upgrade woes

@Alex1 Not being funny but just go with the best deal for you we are all customers helping each other just remember cpw no refresh no flexibility etc fixed for the contract etc etc 

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