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Unwanted / random premium rate message appearing on bill.

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Hi there.

Last month I had a premium rate message of £2.50 applied to my bill from 64404. I had neither requested any service or signed up to any service. I got in contact with the live chat who, against my wishes to text the number as I did not want any contact with a service I had never asked for in the first place, eventually got me to text STOP to the number and promised it would be barred from happening again. I have the chat log email to back this up.

Exactly one month on again I have had the exact same text message come through to my phone again, and another £2.50 premium rate charge applied to my bill.

Now obviously I am quite annoyed that 1) it happened in the first place, and 2) it’s happened after the agent promised it would be barred from happening again.

Where do I stand with this? What can be done to fix it? The agent on th live chat said I could not have a blanket ban for all premium rate numbers as it’s not possible (I have never or will never need any premium rate service) but I feel this is the only option that would satisfy me as I do not want random companies able to charge me for no reason. Failing this my only other option is going to be to cancel my services as I do not wish for this to be able to happen to me ever again, more-so after being promised it would not.

Any help or advice from the community and staff would be appreciated.
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I've just signed up to say i've experienced the same issue.

I received the first text from 64404 on 6th December, aruond the time O2 network went down. i received the message again on 5th Jan which made me concerned and i looked online and lo and behold, there is a charge of £2.50 for both text messages.

The online chat is no help, you're best off talking to the O2 customer service and they can put a block on the number. I will update next month if the charge has stopped. 


The fact that this has happened to various people at the same time when the network went down is concerning. This needs to be rasied with O2 and they need to investigate how this has happened. 

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