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Unlimited web bolt on

I had taken a 30 day SIM only rolling contract for £20 in Jan 2010 with unlimited web bolt. At that time no fixed monthly internet limit was communicated to me/specified in my contract.
For the past 8 months I accessed the internet on my phone without a problem though I occasionally got a message that I was over my limit for internet usage.
One week back the internet access has been blocked from my mobile and on calling O2 customer service I was told that they had blocked my GPRS connection and would not allow me any more internet access from my mobile, unless I purchased a web bolt on.
Apparently over the past few months o2 has brought out new SIM only deals limiting the internet usage to 500MB.
I would like to know if this action of o2 is justified when they had provided me an unlimited web bolt on in Jan 2010 when I first switched to the SIM deal from a 18 month contract.
Kindly advise.
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Re: Unlimited web bolt on

The 500mb limit wont be affecting you because you're on a tariff that predates the new terms, what you are getting is an excessive use text which you would only recive if you're using the phone outside of the terms of the contract such as as a modem or simply using it excessivly so it affects other users in the local area.
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Re: Unlimited web bolt on

is this the text of the text you got>
O2: Your data usage is exceptionally high and is affecting the service for other customers. This is against our excessive use policy. To comply with our policy you need to dramatically & immediately reduce your usage. One way to do this is by using your home broadband Wi-Fi or public Wi-Fi hotspots such as BT Openzone and The Cloud. Don't forget you get unlimited Wi-Fi on all our data tariffs. Please go to o2.co.uk/datainfo for more information. If you do not immediately moderate your usage we will have to stop you from using data on your mobile.

If so you are using to much data and affecting others usage which is against the T&C note the last sentance that is why you have been cut off,
Which phone do you have as some have usage meters Remembering it is both up and down that count towards usage.
The above quoted text is from another thread viewtopic.php?f=25&t=49110 about the data capping as wanty has said all old tariffs pre 24th june still have the unlimited (subject to excessive usage policy) source viewtopic.php?f=25&t=52377
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Re: Unlimited web bolt on

I took the same plan out in january.
I loved having the unlimited data. I only once got the internet cut off in september but even I do agree I went a bit OTT. But the question is will it always disconnect me if I use too much? I dont want it one day to start charging me for overusing the service.
On my O2 page it says the Unlimited Web Bolt On will not expire either. So if I can keep it going for aslong as I can that would be the best for me.
At the moment im just under 1gb, I wonder how much im allowed and for how long. hmmm