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Unlimited Texts on iphone

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I am out of contract on 6th Feb and a couple of weeks ago went on simplicity. I have spoken to upgrades on a few occasions and and every time i have been told the £35 per month tariff gives you 600 mins and 500 texts and if you pay £7.50 you can have unlimited texts so total cost would be £42.50 per month.

I spoke to upgrades yesterday and was advised you cannot pay £7.50 for unlimited bolt on you can only get 500 for the £7.50, has this changed?

The package was good for me as i use about 160 mins per month but use about 1300 texts, now its totally no good as i will pay for a bolt on but then end up paying for 300 odd texts.

The lady said we cannot offer unlimited bolt on texts on the iphone but i have been offered it previously and Vodafone offer unilimited texts.

Does this mean i need to change networks, seems silly.
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Rumour has it that the iPhone tariffs are changing tomorrow and they will all have unlimited texts, lets wait and see eh.....
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