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Unlimited Data Bolt on

hi I have been with o2 for over 15 years, come rain or shine. I would like to get a new SIII like many others and I happen to be out of contract at the moment, but I am told that the bolt-on I have, for unlimited data, will be lost when I "upgrade" to get a new phone, EVEN if all I do is sign into my current contract with no changes for a year or two.


Nice customer services guys, and a strong indication of where you think you are going to screw us for money over the next few months and years. Also a fabulous way to annoy your most loyal customers!


So this seems ridiculous and I have complained, I am not however holding my breath.


I was advised to buy the phone outright, (£500) to "save" me money. Whilst this seems insane advice I have a friend who may be able to get this for me as he works in the industry, so my questions.


If the SIII requires a new sim, compared the one in my current HD2, does this constitute a change in my contract such that I will lose my data bolt on? Even if all I am doing is getting a new sim and transfering my current out of contract status to it.


IF I then ask to insure my new handset with you through my insurance with you, will this constitute a similar change in terms such that I will lose my bolt on? 


Either would obviously render buying the handset void and I may as well just bog off to three.


Finally if the insurance change does void it, would simply cancelling it do the same, such that I could insure with someone else?

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Re: Unlimited Data Bolt on

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Loosing a great perk such as unlimited data through an upgrade is not a new process, a number of the mobile networks have done similar things in the past with things such as plans with free insurance, free 0800 and 0845 calls etc.


In most cases they have been promotional tariffs or suited to the state of the market at any one time and as such over time they become more cost inefficient for networks to provide.


Tenure with a netork is irrelevant as some of these features are "removed from systems" and not available to move back to.


Out of curiosity, how much data do you get through?


As for your question regarding the sim card. Simply pop into your local O2 store and ask for a micro sim card replacement. 


No changes will be made to your account except the sim serial number to which the network ties your account with.

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Re: Unlimited Data Bolt on

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as above but your insurance will be invalid but you can cancel that at any time with no effect on tariff.



1 Buy handset sim free unlocked.

2 Get a microsim and use the swapmysim form pop it in new phone

3 Cancel insurance and insure it elsewhere (maybe cheaper)


You keep unlimited data and all your old tariff charges.


But Do you  need unlimited data?

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