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Unhelpful Support for transferring credit

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I lost my bag today with 2 P&G mobiles that I hardly use (they are for re-direction from home and office, just the odd call here and there). I call O2 support they stopped the SIM cards straight away.

I then ask what I thought would be a really straight forward and simple question can you transfer the credit to my daughters P&G mobile, the answer was NO!

How difficult can this be? I had £11 on one phone and £98 on the other, now my daughter is always texting her friends and calling them so the extra credit for her would of been really helpful.

I don't really need the 2 numbers for re-directing and had just got used to carrying them around for the last 4 years and it is habit more than anything, but O2 customer service are totally unhelpful, just may as well knock my head against a brick wall.

The result is replacement SIM cards coming through the post and I've got to buy another phone to use them in and the credit up then will have a handset that I won't really need.

Unreal!! Change of supplier coming!!
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I purchased the handset from carphonewarehouse because it was much cheaper (£15 at CW vs. £35 from O2) so even if I had to bin new SIM card (and £10 credit) I am still better off. What just winds me up is unability to use what I HAD TO pay for. So far I was reasonably satisfied O2 customer, but it looks like change of supplier is on the horizon.
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