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Unhappy customer

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On the 15th of May, I flew from The United States to Manchester, UK. I purchased an O2 phone (Galaxy A5) with the $30 Bundle. I was told my phone would work in the UK and in the European countries. I've been in France since the 16th. of May due to work. My phone was able to send/receive calls & texts but the data was nonexistence. I had 40GB to use and not one was used. Now that the full month is over, I've lost all data, texts & calls without me having fully used what I paid for. I called customer service and they informed me that they don't know what's going on. That they don't have any say in what goes on in France. I am not happy and consider it to be unfair. I wasted my money with you guys.

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Re: Unhappy customer

@Julio1If you want to make a complaint then follow the link here please https://www.o2.co.uk/how-to-complain  We are all customers like yourself and have no access to your account so are only able to offer advice on the best way forward...

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Re: Unhappy customer

@Julio1 You should have contacted o2 during your first month and they could have checked your account settings as it sounds like you have the wrong setting for data on your account. 

If you are still in the uk now call customer service on 4445 and ask them to check your data bolt on. 

They may even credit your sim if it was their error. 

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