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Unexplained message chargea

I checked my daughter's account and was shocked to find that she has high charges of 21.00 from 3 certain numbers that's including her self only on 2 days this month. The only thing is she hasn't sent any and it's say 43p and 45p for each message. The only thing I can think of has her phone been hacked cos I've been through her phone and I can't seem to work this one out. She has never had any charges on her phone since she's had it since begging of this year. Has anybody had something like this before.
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Re: Unexplained message chargea

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Are they MMS messages ?

They may not be premium rate texts as the charges aren't too high for each one but some help here in case they are too. 


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Re: Unexplained message chargea

No there not that's what I can't understand. There was a message last week which was strange asking her if she has Skype and she doesn't know who it is.
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Re: Unexplained message chargea

Please check the scam link above. Has your daughter clicked any social media links?