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Unexpected charges on mums mobile

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Hi. I need to increase my mums call allowance. She is unwell and has gone into a care home but has her mobile and whilst she was staying within her allowance up until she became unwell, I have checked her account and she has run up bills in excess of a hundred and fifty pounds this last few months. 


She has done this because she phones me all the time but doesn't hang up.  Anyway, the question is can we get an immediate bolt on. I have changed her tariff but that doesn't kick in till 15th December.  I don't want to stop her using her mobile as she gets comfort from being able to ring me.


i am with Tesco and am able to get a bolt on with immediate effect. Can't find anything like this on O2.


any advice welcome



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Re: Unexpected charges on mums mobile

If you call customer service on 202 from her phone they can start the new tariff immediately.
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Re: Unexpected charges on mums mobile

Unfortunately her phone is with her and I am not.


think I've sorted it though. Cancelled the new tariff, added a bolt on then changed to new tariff again. 


Seems odd but hey ho 


thanks for the response.

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Re: Unexpected charges on mums mobile

Wouldn't you be better getting one of the unlimited call tariffs.you can get them with very little data.

Unless you've worked out that the new tariff will easily cover the amount she is going over on average each month of course.