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i hope this doesnt sound thick on my part but can anyone tell me if friends and family and the o2 open code to get a 30% discount ount off line rental are one and the same thing?The reason I'm asking is I'm due my upgrade on May 16th and plan to visit my local o2 store which is a concessionn in a large supermarket(sainsburys)whom I work for and qualify for the discount. This will be my first upgrade so I'm new to all this so bear with me.Will I need an open code to give the salesperson instore or can I just give them my payslip and proof of identity like I did last time when I took out the contract?Also if I start the new contract on May 16th does my final month payment be at the old price or become the new contract price as my existing contract finishes on June 16th?Hope this makes sense!!