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UMA (aka wifi calls)

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I know last year (in october) O2 run a trial of UMA or something like it.




Does anyone know if they have any plans to enable this and let the rest of us, enjoy someone Orange has had for ages.


The reason i'm asking is i just moved house to somewhere with a completely useless o2 signal, and my contact is up for renewal soon. Without UMA i'll have to move to another provider.

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Re: UMA (aka wifi calls)

Whilst the app O2 Connect has been available for months, it is still in the test stage and by invitation only. Quite how long before this is on general release is anyone's guess!


In the meantime, apps like Viber & Tu Me etc are readily available but needs both parties to have the app. Work well though.

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Re: UMA (aka wifi calls)

Thanks Jonsie,

Looks like i'll have to switch network soon then (after 10 years), the trial is aimed specifically at iPhone and Andriod. So with a Blackberry I'll have to wait even longer if the app is ever released.

I think o2 have gone the wrong way completely with this trial, actual UMA would have a wider audience(most smart phones support it) and it would be easier to use.

But thats all beside the point.


Thanks again.


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Re: UMA (aka wifi calls)

Hi Kinetic1983


Just to let you know, in case you haven't done this already, if go to




and scroll down the page, there is a section where you can enter your mobile number for text updates when this app will be available to you on other devices (hopefully including Blackberry) so you can be notified rather than having to keep checking


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Re: UMA (aka wifi calls)



Orange have been offering UMA on Blackberry handset and a couple of HTC devices. They have been offering this product for a number of years, however they don't seam to be making much of a song and dance about it so I suspect that its not going to be around forever. As far as I know they are the only UK network supporting UMA. 


Orange also have an app similar to "O2 connect" on a number of Orange branded Android handsets. 


Vodafone and 3 both have femtocell product and I understand that O2 are testing one branded boostbox. However the testing seams to of being going on for ages.


I do agree with you it does seam to be taking O2 a very long time to get either a femtocell or an app style product up and running. I have to say that I was a VF gateway customer when it first went live and it was at the start dreadful. Just hope that all this testing by O2 will mean a good quality product.