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Totally unacceptable treatment by o2.

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This may seem longwinded so bear with me.

I applied online for a new contract phone on Monday lunchtime, I opened a chat window so the lady could talk me through it, she stayed there while I did this. I finished applying then she asked me to send her the ref number so she could check it and let me know. I did this. I asked her if it was sucessful and her answer was Yes it was and she would ensure it was dispatched today, and a smiley face.

I was very happy, went online and bought a load of accessories for my new phone and got my pac code from t mobile. A few hours later I got an email to say the order was being cancelled as I failed the credit check. I was very put out at this and went online to chat with someone about it, I got a guy called Mitch who introduced himself as a complaints officer. I went through it with him and he apologised and told me he would arrange a months line rental for free as a gesture of goodwill and to go in store and assured me that I would be sucessful if I did so. I will paste an extract from that chat below.



O2 : Mitch: Thanks for waiting.
O2 : Mitch: Paul, can you please visit your nearest O2 store and get a new contract for the same phone. Once you get the contract, please let us know, we'll apply a credit of one month line rental as a gesture of goodwill. 
O2 : Mitch: I'm also keeping a track of your account and the reference number is 369133711 for the credit. 
paul: Thank you very much Mitch I appreciate it, but wont they decline me in store now I have been declined online?
O2 : Mitch: You're welcome Paul. I can assure you that it won't be declined on the store. You'll need to carry a photo ID proof while taking a contract from the store.
O2 : Mitch: Shall I provide you the nearest O2 store in your area?
paul: Yes please.
O2 : Mitch: Sure. Please give me a moment. 


So Tuesday I asked to finish work early, went into town, went into store, the guy there didn't have a clue why I was there after I explained. He did an application and surprise it was declined, he then told me this was because I had 2 credit checks in 2 days, not my fault!!


I then came home and spent 2 hours on chat and got onto Finn, who after I explained all this told me he would put me through to someone else to complete the order, see extract below.


O2 : Finn: thanks.
O2 : Finn: The best is you can order it now with us.
O2 : Finn: I'll quickly transferred the chat to our Sales team so that you can order one 


I was holding for ever, passed to service to sales and gave up after 2 hours.


Last night I tried again, got a guy called Rhys who again after explaining it all told me again I could apply for the same phone, see extract below.


O2 : Rhys: I'm really sorry for the misinformation provided by one of our advisor, I'm from complaints team and will take this chat as a feedback, your feedback will be forwarded to the concerned team leader's and appropriate measures will be taken.
O2 : Rhys: Paul, I can understand how frustrating this can be for you, if I'd have been in your place, I'd have felt the same.
paul: But what about the following further wrong information from Mitch too, it is unacceptable as it has now cost me money from being given this information. And after going through this again last night with Finn on chat, he then told me........paul: Please read other chats, I was told to go to a store and my order would be completed. Please see above. O2 : Finn: Oaky. O2 : Finn: *okay. O2 : Finn: Do did you go to the store. O2 : Finn: sorry.. O2 : Finn: So it was declined again. O2 : Finn: Correct. O2 : Finn: When you visit the store at 16:45 paul: Correct O2 : Finn: thanks. O2 : Finn: The best is you can order it now with us. O2 : Finn: I'll quickly transferred the chat to our Sales team so that you can order one right away. paul: Okay
paul: Another advisor last night telling me it is ok to order it again!
info: We'll email a copy of your chat transcript to paul.m.pantony@
O2 : Rhys: If you want I can transfer your chat to our sales team, they'll again try to place a new order for you with the same phone. I assure you that they'll be more than happy to help you with your concern further.


I was on chat for almost 5 hours last night, nobody wanted to help, I just kept getting transfered from one advisor to another. I rang customer service who told me it was not their problem and to go back on live chat. I did this.


It must be 25 different advisors who have asked me if they can help, most of whom apologise and even agree with me that I am right. I have all the transcripts.

All o2 are willing to do is credit check me again, even though they also tell me that it will fail and make things worse.


The point is, fair enough I have failed the check, to be honest after this hassle I am not really interested anymore, I will keep my phone, but out of principal I wont let it go. 

Four o2 staff have told me untruths, made promises, and countless have apologised and agreed with me. But now I wont pass one because of o2 trying again.

I was told it was sucessful plain and simple, then I was told it wasnt but follow instructions and it will be, it wasnt, then more promises that it can be sorted when it cant.

After almost 5 hours last night a Georgina agreed to arrange a call back by today, and guess what, nothing.


Are there any other avenues to persue? I have contacted complaints, but no reply.

Oh and to top it, the guy who introduced himself as a complaints guy was lying too, I was told that by customer service Liam tonight, and the same guy was a service advisor the next day!


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Re: Totally unacceptable treatment by o2.

Hi Paul.


As you did the application yourself, it would have told you the outcome yourself on the screen, I take it it came up with a referal to credit and risk and gave an order number beginning ON-0044?


You were indeed incorrectly advised by webchat. The only people who can overturn a credit check decision is the credit file referals team, if you were declined a contract you should have been advised to email them and ask them to have a look at it and see if there is anything else they can do. They are the be all and end all when it comes to credit decisions.


Web chat, in all honesty, doesn't always give the best answers and I've always found it best to contact O2 over the phone. Going into store wouldn't have helped as the system would have just picked up the previous decision and gave it back.

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Re: Totally unacceptable treatment by o2.

Hi Paul,


We're sorry to hear this,


We'd like to look into this for you. Can you email us at webteam@o2dotcom with your details so we can investigate further





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Re: Totally unacceptable treatment by o2.

Hi Wanty,

It did indeed come up with a referral screen, thats when the advisor asked me to past the reference number, she said she was looking into it then told me it was sucessful.


I have phoned tonight and got put through to a manager, he said there was nothing anyone in o2 could do, only to try and apply again and is going to call me in 7 days to apply again when things have 'calmed down'. Another lady told me it was web chat who caused the problem and to go back to them.


Web chat is totally useless, staffed by people with no ability to help, they lie about the department they are from, and only serve to pass you onto someone else.

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Re: Totally unacceptable treatment by o2.

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Hmm, you will have to excuse me Becky but I lost count at 20 advisors who have offered to look into it. Nobody from o2 calls you back or replies to emails.

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Re: Totally unacceptable treatment by o2.

Actually as an experiment, I will email my details now. I will also update this topic in 24hrs with the outcome, thats a fair chance I think and we will see.

@Anonymous wrote:

Hmm, you will have to excuse me Becky but I lost count at 20 advisors who have offered to look into it. Nobody from o2 calls you back or replies to emails.


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Re: Totally unacceptable treatment by o2.

paul remember to alter the dot in that email address
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Re: Totally unacceptable treatment by o2.

Paul - my best and honest advice is to steer clear of O2. Ive been with them over 5 years and never experienced such bad customer service.


Go with any other company, I can't vouch for any specific network as I unfortuantely have 3 months left of a contract, but I'll be gone come July.

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Re: Totally unacceptable treatment by o2.

Just had a call back finally from o2 complaints. The only thing this guy could do is apologise for the mis-information and tell me the staff involved would be retrained!! How does that help me?

They offered to send me a cheque for £10, I told them I will post it back, not interested in their £10.


Not good enough, and will carry on moaning, not that I expect it will get me anywhere but it will make me feel better. Ombudsman, otelo...


Becky, are you still trying to help? I sent you my details as soon as you requested, you replied to say you would look into it.... Yet to hear?


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Re: Totally unacceptable treatment by o2.

What is it you want them to do Paul? If you were declined the credit check, they wont be willing to over-ride that and accept you to the network because you've been given wrong information.