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Re: Totally unacceptable treatment by o2.

Wanty Hi,

I want them to explain how and why I have over 8 hours of 'comedy' customer service chat sessions. I even had one member of staff tell me she had the same problem! I dont really want to be a customer after this, I think I have had a lucky escape, but out of principal I want them to over turn it, why should they not, their staff members who told me it could be arranged.

I am sure I will get to someone eventually who can.

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Re: Totally unacceptable treatment by o2.

Don't think you are going to get much further than the £10 offer to be honest. If they could overturn the credit check they would have done it by now. You may be able to argue for one of the two credit searches they have made to be removed but that's probably about it.


The accesories you ordered online for the new phone will be returnable under the distance selling regulations for a full refund so you won't have lost out there. If you don't give your PAC code from t-mobile to another network it will simply expire and your existing service with t-mobile will continue so again you haven't lost out there.


However your experience is one reason why I ignore the live chat windows whenever they pop up on O2's website and indeed other websites too. 99.9% of the time you get a monkey in a foreign country reading from a script who is normally as much use as a chocolate fireguard. I really don't know why companies bother with them

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Re: Totally unacceptable treatment by o2.

Can you believe this, I have become accustomed to the fact o2 arent going to budge, so took their advice and bought me a handset so could get a simplicity contract seeing as this was the answer to my problem, please see advice below given last week, please note the words simplicity contract, and the credit refers to the months line rental as an apology for the hassle


O2 : Sidney: Okay.
O2 : Sidney: Let me check that for you.
O2 : Sidney: Thanks for waiting.
paul: No problem
O2 : Sidney: I really appreciate your patience.
O2 : Sidney: I can see that you have discussed with complaints team.
O2 : Sidney: And they have offered you to take one Simplicity contract or Pay & Go contract
O2 : Sidney: After that they will transfer the credit on that account.
O2 : Sidney: Am I correct ?
paul: No, thats the first I have heard that. I have been told by 3 advisors on here now that I can have the phone I wanted. Rebecca, Mitch and Finn. I have all chat conversations on email.
O2 : Sidney: Okay.
O2 : Sidney: Let me check it for you.



I have just applied for a simplicity sim only to go with my new phone and its been declined!!


Answers please o2, I am losing count of the money I am spending taking your advice.


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Re: Totally unacceptable treatment by o2.

Just a little word here, I presume you would know why you failed the credit check, if not you need to check your credit files as this is going to keep cropping up in your life.


It is never wise to make repeated applications as these mount up as searches on your credit file and they will count against you too.

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Re: Totally unacceptable treatment by o2.



Sim Only contracts are still contracts and bound by credit checks.  If you don't score highly enough you won't get it.  No-one at O2 will ever overturn that decision unless you can prove that the credit check is wrong. 


If you think thats the case, send your evidence to creditfilereferrals@o2.com and they'll look into it for you.