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Texting abroad whilst abroad


I'm considering joining 02 hence the username.

Anyways this is my question how much will texting from Canada to Turkey cost me? (the person in Turkey is on Turkish network)

This is the price plan i'm thinking of.

Online 20 with
Bolt on ITS
Discount country: Turkey.

Can anyone help me?

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Texting abroad whilst abroad

As you are in a different country and texting a different coutry then it all depends on how o2 look at this.

It is possible that o2 will charge you twice.

25p to send the sms and 12p to send it on to turkey.

Its possible that o2 will remove 4 unit out of your texting bundle and then only charge you 12p. But normal texting units are for text back to the uk and to a uk network only.

as you are not texting a normal uk network, i beleive that the above doesnt apply.

I hope this helps
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Texting abroad whilst abroad

Thanks yes that does help. So even if the total is 37p thats still better than most.
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Texting abroad whilst abroad

I was abroad on two occasions in 2008, used my mobile on simplicity, and in both I sent texts to other countries whilst abroad (i.e. not to a number in the country I was in and not to a UK number) and it took 4 texts out of my allowance, i.e. it didn't charge me at all.

That stood as of September 2008, I don't know if anything has changed since.
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Texting abroad whilst abroad

^ Thats true actually.

I'm on Text Anytime, I've got 300 free texts and I've got a good friend in India, it didn't cost me a thing texting them !!