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Text scam

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Keep on getting scam text saying: o2:We have been unable to take payment, please re-attempt here at our secure site <Link Removed>

Who know how to stop them or report them?

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Re: Text scam


It's a well known scam reported hundreds and hundreds of times in the community.
Block the number and report it free to 7726.
Don’t open any links or enter any information.
O2 advice here:


How to block a number:



Please remove the link in your post so no one accidentally clicks on it. Go to Options in the right hand corner of your post, then the drop down Edit Reply


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Re: Text scam

  1. Hey there @hamish1 
  2. Welcome to the o2 community forum 
  3. Well done to report the scam here, delete it 
  4. Unfortunately I don't think you can stop them, but as mentioned you can report it to o2.
  5. Best wishes and good luck 

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Re: Text scam

I had text message too, dodgy link saying my contract needed checking all I needed to do was provide my Debit card details, otherwise my contract was going to be terminated!


Funny I am on PAYG, Please don't fall for these more sophiscated scams!


If in doubt call O2 Customer Services directly! please don't click links or text rip off/scam text!



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