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Taking over contract

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Hi, I'm on a pay monthly contract (Online 50) that finishes in September and is for a standard phone. I want to buy a smartphone without taking on a new contract. I asked about adding a data bolt on but was told I cant do this on my package and would have to change tariffs. I would then lose my extra 200 mins that I have and was offered a tariff for 18.50 but this only gives 100mb of data. I thought about having my wife take over my exisitng contract with a new number and then porting my number to tesco or giffgaff. However I was told that I could have a new number but that porting my number couldnt be done without canceling my contract. Is this right?  Any other ideas?

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Its correct - you cannot transfer a contract as it was initially based on your circumstances. Also if you do port now you are effectively ending the contract so they will want the remaining months up front.


What you can do when your contract ends in September is port the number to PAYG and give that to your wife then if she wants to, start a contract herself and then port the number to the contract.

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