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Stolen Mobile Abroad - now have a bill for £1120 - Advice N

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Really need some advice...

While on holiday in tenerife I had my phone stolen from my room, i had it in top drawer all holiday so I only realised it was stolen when i came to pack on the last day.

When i got home i rang 02 to block the sim, only to find I have a bill of £1120, all to spanish numbers, they have literaly abused it for fun! :robotmad:

I have no phone insurance and on reading the small print of my travel insurance, they dont cover mobile phones, never mind the costs of the calls.

I have spoken to 02 and so far they have been quite sympathetic and instructed me to wirte to their complaints department to see if anything could be done.

I just want advice from anyone who has experianced this?

My argument with 02 is that once the bill had reached £500 in 2 days! why they didnt put a stop on the account?

Any help gladly appreciated!
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have you checked to see if your insurance company will cover unauthorised calls?
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Just work with o2 and try to do something, if you work with them and not against them you will get more from them, I have to say I would be frustrated too if it happened to me, I hope you get the result you are looking for.
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