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Stolen Mobile Abroad - now have a bill for £1120 - Advice N

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Really need some advice...

While on holiday in tenerife I had my phone stolen from my room, i had it in top drawer all holiday so I only realised it was stolen when i came to pack on the last day.

When i got home i rang 02 to block the sim, only to find I have a bill of £1120, all to spanish numbers, they have literaly abused it for fun! :robotmad:

I have no phone insurance and on reading the small print of my travel insurance, they dont cover mobile phones, never mind the costs of the calls.

I have spoken to 02 and so far they have been quite sympathetic and instructed me to wirte to their complaints department to see if anything could be done.

I just want advice from anyone who has experianced this?

My argument with 02 is that once the bill had reached £500 in 2 days! why they didnt put a stop on the account?

Any help gladly appreciated!

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Stress to O2 that you are loyal customer looking for help. At this stage avoid any blame on their part (try that later if needed).

My experience is that this gets results - threats do not.

Good luck!

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I really cant start threating as I dont have a leg to stand on as they say!

and my only other worry is that i have only been with 02 for 3 months so i cant really play the loyal customer card just yet!

and my travel insurance covers blackberys but not a nokia N95 8gb... more or less the same thing minus a keyboard :mansurprised:

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First the facts.

1. You are liable to for all calls made up to the point you report a phone stolen.

2. Phone companies do not necessarily put a stop on phones if the owner has a good credit rating, which obviously you had.

3. There is an argument to say that your phone was not security protected. E.G Was it left on in the draw. if not was a SIM PIN code set?

I do know of one case where Orange refused to reduce a charge because of the latter, claiming the owner was negligent

That said, if you follow the advice to contact O2 in a polite and positive manner they may be prepared to reduce the charges.

In most cases I have heard of the discount seems to be around half of the amount owed.

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Not a nice position to be in, I feel for you. The reason o2 likely did not block the SIM is that usage abroad can take time to be passed to o2 and thus o2 would have only been aware of such a level of charges once these were passed on from the roaming network. Even if you have a set call limit for a given month this can be exceeded if using the phone abroad, use premium rate services etc, it's in the T+Cs for most networks that they cannot set precise limits.

I would contact o2 and see if they can help, but to be fair its in the T+Cs that you will be liable for all of the charges.

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There are 2 billing systems, old and new, 1 can have limit bars, one cant, I see your point, but its also common for people to run up high bills abroad, all mobile companies are starting to bring in measures for roaming, a £12k bill that a T-mobile customer had brought this about, but it cant happen over night, 1 think you would have had a problem with and you could argue is, how can you report it stolen when you cant contact CxService because your phone was stolen, but then the flip side is that people DO try to get out of roaming charges by pretending its been stolen, hope this helps

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I see your point... basicaly up a creek without a paddle!

The only good news is that all the numbers used are spanish and the same numbers have been used while i was on the flight home so that should help my case

Think its just going to be a case of fingers crossed and hoping 02 take a sympathetic line.

thanks people

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Just a thought have you contacted the holiday company you booked the holiday with as the phone was taken from your room so the hotel must know who had access to your room. Criminal charges etc you did report to hotel and local police?
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Well, you could try to claim the charges back whilst you were on the plane because you have good proof you were flying at the time, if not you could get it, as for the rest, it may take a while, but I hope that o2 will help you as much as possible.

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if you have your phone stolen/lost while you are away it is your responsibilty, there is a free phone number which you can call from abroad to o2 so if you loose your phone, you can ring them to get it barred straight away. if tyou leave it until you get home you are liable for all calls that have been made up until the time you report it to o2 and get the phone barred, so even if you were on the plane you are still accountable for the calls as you never called o2 to advsie them your phone was stolen. you are advsied to call o02 before you go abroad, so that they can confirm call rates etc, and provide you with the number to call.

also o2 will not autmatically bar your handset because the usage ishigh, as in an earlier reply they have to wait for the forign network to forward the charges to them, and depending on the country this can take a long time.

and because there are ppl in the world who think nothing of stealing a handset, esp abroad its always a good choice to get insurance as then you are covered if things like this happen, as depending on the policy you can get upto 3k of call charges covered.

when you speak to customer services dont blame them, or go mad as this will get you knowhere, and it is your responsibilty for your phone and SIM card.